Belated Goodbye

Copyright Sandra Crook


“This was your family’s restaurant?” Erica asked.

I nodded, silent, reliving that horrible night: My fiance Haydn’s pushing me into the cellar and commanding me to keep silent, no matter what.”

Erica understood. “You never saw him again?”

I shook my head. “Two survivors said he’d been captured. But I never could find out.”

“Look!” Erica grabbed my arm. “Someone’s in the upstairs window — looking at us.”

“Some scavenger,” I said, brushing away tears. But then I looked more closely, catching my breath.  “It can’t be,” I whispered.


“It’s him!”  I waved frantically: “Haydn!”

He waved, smiled, and in the same moment, vanished. I looked at Erica. Her shocked face assured me I hadn’t imagined  him.

“Finally … after all these painful years … we’ve said goodbye.”


Friday Fictioneers writing challenge




15 thoughts on “Belated Goodbye

  1. A bitter-sweet tale. You leave me speculating about how the encounter played out in the future. Your narrator feels relief at having said farewell – but I bet she’s into the ruin as quick as anything, looking for Haydn, and what will she find there? I suppose you don’t feel like making this a longer story…?

    1. It has the seeds of a longer tale, but since I’m in the middle of writing two novels and compiling a short story anthology, I don’t think I need to add another project to my plate. But if you get some ideas, feel free to take this little beginning and run with it — with my blessing.

  2. Dear Sandra,

    Oh this is one that deserves the audible gasp at the end. It was good of Haydn to make a trip back from the other world to say goodbye. Love this.



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