Why is WordPress De-Railing Our Readers?

WOMAN SCORNEDWhat is it with WordPress’ sending readers to a page that is NOT OUR ACTUAL BLOG SITE? Have you noticed that when you see the posts in your Reader,  and click on the post title, WP does NOT take you to the post on that person’s blog?  They take you to a generic page that has the post you’re looking for — and even the blog owner’s gravatar — but it’s NOT their actual site.

If a blogger clicks on the words “Visit site,” they get taken to the site, but if they click on the post itself, they do not.

Why on earth do we put so much time and attention into making our sites look exactly like we want them to look, and have widgets set up a certain way, etc. so people will notice specific things on our site — and why choose a specific theme or particular colors, etc. — if readers ARE NOT GOING TO SEE THEM????? The logic is inscrutable.

You’ll notice the use of capital letters. It’s something I tell all my creative writing students to avoid doing. And the fact that I’ve used them is indicative of how aggravated I am. I asked WP about it in an e-mail, but no answer.  So I decided to vent right here. Whew!  I feel better.  🙂  🙂  🙂


Daily Post Prompt: Inscrutable



11 thoughts on “Why is WordPress De-Railing Our Readers?

    1. It happens to everyone’s posts in the WP Reader. Go to your Reader, and you’ll see posts by all the people you follow. Click on the title of a post, and see where it takes you. It won’t go to their actual blog site. But up in the right corner of the page it takes you to you’ll see the words “Visit site.” If you click on that, then you get to their actual blog. Or in the Reader, you can look down in the left lower corner and find the words “visit site,” and click on that. But most people don’t do that. They click on the post title, and that takes them to the generic page instead.

    1. I know I can click on Visit site or view site and get to the actual blog. My complaint is that most bloggers do NOT click on those little words. They click on the post title in the Reader, expecting to go to the actual blog site. But clicking on the title — which used to take us to the actual blog — no longer takes us there. It takes us to a generic page. It isn’t just my site that has this problem. Anyone using their Reader will find the same thing if they click on a post title — which almost everyone does.

  1. Yep. I always click “visit” when I read something. I think they did it for mobile readers, but even there, the platform should be intelligent enough to know if you are using a computer or phone.

    1. The first couple years I blogged on WP they didn’t do that. If we clicked on the post title, we went right to the person’s actual blog. This is stupid. And if it’s to accommodate tablet and phone users, I thought that was the point of creating themes that would adjust to all devices.

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