Friday Funnies – 7/6/18

I don’t know who to give credit to for this joke, because I came across it in a collection of hillbilly jokes from multiple sources. I’ve told it so many times, but it is still laugh-out-loud funny even now as I write this post. Hope it lightens and brightens you day. If you’d like to take part in “Friday Funnies,”  just post your own “funny” on your blog and give us the link in the ‘Comments’ section on this post. Yours can be a joke, story, poem, or picture.

LADY IN BATHTwo hillbillies were walking down the street and they met a local nun coming down the sidewalk toward them. Her arm was in a cast, so they stopped to inquire about her.

“Sister, we’re sorry to see you’re in a cast. What on earth happened to your arm?”

“Oh, it’s the silliest thing,” she said. “I fell in the bathtub the other day.”

“Oh my. Does it hurt you much?”

“No, it’s much better now, and I should be able to remove the cast in a few weeks.”

“Well, that’s good news. You take care of yourself, now,” they said and resumed their journey down the sidewalk. When they were out of the nun’s hearing, one of the hillbillies asked his friend. 

“Did you hear what she said happened?”

“Yeah, she said she fell in the bathtub.”

“What’s a bathtub anyway?”

“Heck, I don’t know. I’m not Catholic.”




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