Focus on Coffee – Day 3


Today, I thought I’d share a few vintage 1950’s coffee commercials. Some of the old coffee TV ads were absolutely horrible. These 4 are not some of the worst, but I’m pretty sure the last two would be considered a little too “sexist” to make the grade for today’s TV broadcasting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little visit down coffee memory lane. I can’t believe we sat through these without groaning. And I find it hard to understand how we used such tiny, fragile-looking cups during those years. Not all of these commercials show the tiny cups, but several commercials from that era do.







3 thoughts on “Focus on Coffee – Day 3

    1. Oh, you have no idea. And I really do mean that. You at least have Dan, and he has you to talk to, bounce things off of, and just sit and have companionship with. But when you’re truly, truly all by yourself, it’s a hard experience. I’m the kind of person who has always needed SOME time alone — and I’ve often spent hours at a time going apart to spend hours with no one but the Lord. But almost three months without another human being to interact with in person — except to drive up to the pharmacy window or check out a few things once or twice with a clerk behind a shield of plastic — is starting to wear on me emotionally.

      1. Hang in there. There is always the phone, but even that is not the same. I and my friends have spent time just chatting over not much of anything. Just enjoying the sound of a person/friend/sister/brother’s voice is great. Give me a call sometime. I’ve sent my # in email before. They say silence is “Golden”, but how much gold can you collect before you just want to some “sound.” 🙂

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