Focus on Coffee — Day 2

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Wow, when I saw this coffee cup and saucer, I just could not resist posting about it. It’s absolutely beautiful, and it makes me want to brew a fresh pot of coffee right now. Unfortunately, all I have is a picture of this set and not the real thing.

I do love unusual coffee mugs. I have one shaped like an owl, one of red cut-glass with a pedestal, one that’s huge clear glass with dancing snowmen all around it, another that looks like a big pink bowl and is covered in pictures of cape cod shells, a delicate white cup and saucer trimmed in gold with a raised fleur de li on the front of the cup, another rather heavy glass mug from the Smoky Mountains — tan with dark brown interior, and with a black bear hanging onto the handle. Oh, my list could go on forever. Even just my collection of Christmas coffee cups would fill an entire post.

My sister and I both love coffee cups and mugs, and almost every time we go shopping we purchase at least one. Now, that doesn’t mean we have a place to put them when we get them home. We both have cabinets full of cups and mugs, and we both say that we need to stop buying them. But — well — it’s just soooooo much fun when we come across another one that catches our eye. And it’s even more fun to fill them with coffee and sip from them.

Needless to say, I have a lot of choices when I get ready to pour my coffee. It would be great fun to use a different one for each cup of the day, but to tell the truth — since I don’t have a dishwasher — and I have so many other interesting things to spend time on besides washing dishes — I avoid soiling too many in any 24-hour period. So I confess that I generally choose one cup for the day and use it all day — for coffee or tea — whichever I’m having at the time.  Oh-oh — did I say tea?   Well, excuse me. I know this is a “Focus on Coffee” post, but sometimes — just occasionally, mind you — I do get a hankering for a cup of hot tea. But if it came to being forced to make a choice, coffee would certainly win, hands down.

Now, I need to go online and see if I can find someplace to purchase this lovely sunflower coffee set.  In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your own coffee this evening.


4 thoughts on “Focus on Coffee — Day 2

  1. No dishwasher? This is the 21st century. 🙂 I have run mine more in the last shutdown weeks, than in a long time. We did get to eat in a restuarant tonight, and I let them run their dishwasher. Yes!!

    1. Congratulations on getting to eat out!!! Sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, we have a governor who is power mad, but I’m hoping the Attorney General’s office will jerk a knot in his tail soon. Some of our local businesses are starting to venture out and take a stand against his ruling, but, of course, he’s threatening them with loss of state licenses. But some local mayors and law enforcement departments are stepping up and saying publicly that they will not enforce the governor’s ruling. At this point, he’s saying we probably won’t be back to any kind of normal work or church attendance until the end of the year — and then only if we have a vaccine or what he considers enough “herd immunity.” Totally unconstitutional, and I don’t know why our legislature is not up in arms. Hopefully, there will be a price to pay in November.

        1. I forgot exactly which state you are in. DeSantis has been being cautious here in Florida, but is easing things up slowly. We are actually going to be attending church next Sunday. Instead of one service [am], we are having two one hour services at 8:30 and 10:30. One hour each, no choir or orchestra, every other pew roped off, and a few other precautions. YES!!! We get to go back to church. We have been having on line sermons Sundays and Wednesdays. Check out: Lord’s Blessings. Hang in there.

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