Wishing For a Short Journey Back to Childhood

I miss my dad all the time, but in these very troubled times, I miss him more than I can say. I miss my mother as well, and the strong atmosphere of peace and well-being that permeated our home while she was in charge of it. My parents created a loving, stable, safe, and peaceful home for us throughout childhood and young adulthood. It was still a place of peace and wholeness for years after we were on our own and went back to visit.
I often find myself wishing for just one evening with them in that environment again. It’s true that I can find a place of peace and rest with the Lord, but it takes the operation of my own faith to get me there. Back then, it didn’t take faith on my part to feel safe and loved and cared for. My parents provided it, and all I had to do was enjoy it. I guess I’m still enough of a child to want it that way again sometimes — like now.

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