Counting The Cost

Being in this lockdown mode takes quite a toll
On, not just my activities, but on my soul.
I’ve found that although at the start, I chafed and whined,
Now, after many months, I’ve become self-inclined.
Where I was once outgoing and with people pleased,
I now am focused on myself, and I’ve perceived
That my self-world is very small and incomplete;
I can’t connect in person; no more meet and greet,
And even online friends, I’ve gradually set aside,
And drifted from the fellowship they did provide.
I wonder if these extreme efforts to stay “safe”
Are costing more than we should be willing to pay.
For while it’s true a little time alone is good,
Still too much time alone, it must be understood,
Can shrivel and dry up even gregarious souls;
We must have real-life fellowship to keep us whole.

4 thoughts on “Counting The Cost

  1. I think we all feel like that. Going to church is the one chance to fellowship, but with only half your friends. We have two services, because every other pew is closed off.
    We(our gang) used to go to McDonald’s afterwards and gather in groups of women and men. Now even the dining room is still closed.
    But, I did get my first vaccine shot. 😃👍

  2. Hey! Nice to see your blog! I may chime in now and then. I just got my 1st shot yesterday hope is on the way!

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