How About a Glass of Wine?

  “What the heck are they?” “They look like candle holders to me.” “Hmmm, I don’t see any candles. Hey this one is open down to the bottom … and so is this one. Maybe they’re fancy vases.” “Well, they sure wouldn’t hold many flowers. Wonder why Aunt Enid left them to us.” “Honey, youContinue reading “How About a Glass of Wine?”

The Journey – Friday Fictioneers 9/8/17

  Created by feet of Shoshone buffalo hunters, the trail had eventually become a stage coach road. But today, Hiram Baker plodded it alone – hungry, thirsty, bone-weary. His horse had given out two days ago, and all that kept him going was the love of a blue-eyed woman waiting for him beyond that mountainContinue reading “The Journey – Friday Fictioneers 9/8/17”

Weekly Smile 85

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make our life happy. Each time I look at this picture of the donkey, I find myself smiling. I wrote this story some time back in response to a flash fiction challenge, but I found myself thinking about this picture as I pondered my “smile” this week, so IContinue reading “Weekly Smile 85”

Friday Fictioneers 7.28.17: “Love On The Line # 2”

This week’s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt reminded me of a delightful and heart-melting true story that I read about several years ago. It took place during WWII, and involved a real U. S. serviceman, the woman who was the love of his life, and a tender-hearted, romantic telephone operator. I was so touched by theContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 7.28.17: “Love On The Line # 2””

Friday Fictioneers: 7/14/17

To participate in this week’s Friday Fictioneers, visit Rochelle’s site. The picture prompt below is the property of  Janet Webb.   BETRAYED BY TECHNOLOGY He’d done it. He smiled at the perfect job. He’d left her lying across the bed with the pill bottle in her hand. And she hadn’t even suspected that he’d doctoredContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers: 7/14/17”

Daily Post Prompt: Jangle

The jangling of the bells gradually seeped into Garret’s unconsciousness and began to nudge him into a little clarity.  He listened for several moments before trying to open his eyes. When he finally lifted the heavy lids, the light seemed blinding and pain shot through is head at the entrance of that light. He immediatelyContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Jangle”

‘After the Storm’ – Friday Fictioneers 6/16/17

  AFTER THE STORM “Ouch! Hey, watch where you’re stepping!” “Sorry. I was taking pictures of the moon breaking through.” “What’s the big deal? The moon’s out every night.” “Not bursting through the center of heavy storm clouds. Aren’t you glad that vicious storm’s over?” “That storm destroyed my home and killed my dog. TheContinue reading “‘After the Storm’ – Friday Fictioneers 6/16/17”

Friday Fictioneers 6/9/17: ‘The Gardener’

It’s been a while since I’ve had opportunity to participate in Friday Fictioneers, but this week’s photo just pulled this little tale right out of me. If you’d like to join in the fun, visit Rochelle at the link above. This week’s photo is courtesy of Sarah Potter. There was no link for Sarah onContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 6/9/17: ‘The Gardener’”

Daily Post Prompt: ‘As the Plot Unravels’ – a short story

` “I don’t know what to do,” Neville groaned, rubbing his hands roughly over his face. Then he pushed his laptop out of the way and leaned both elbows onto the coffeehouse table, propping his chin in his hands. “What’s wrong?” Clarence, the waiter bussing the table next to Neville’s, turned to question him NevilleContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: ‘As the Plot Unravels’ – a short story”

As Alike As Two Peas in a Pod?

Sandy and Mandy were identical twins.  Green-eyed beauties with dark brown hair, a smattering of freckles, and charming dispositions. From the day of their birth, mom had dressed them in identical outfits. When they started school, she bought them identical backpacks, and pulled their hair into identical pony tails. She bragged to everyone about how “exactly alike” they wereContinue reading “As Alike As Two Peas in a Pod?”

Daily Post Prompt: Sound / ‘The Approaching Silence’

In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt (Sound), I’ve offered the first few pages of a story in progress. Just a little sci-fi to flavor your day. THE APPROACHING SILENCE “In other news today, Dr. Leopold Barnes, director of the U. S. Atmospheric and Meteorological Testing Center located inside the Arctic Circle, issued reports ofContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Sound / ‘The Approaching Silence’”

Friday Fictioneers 1/27/17 – The Date

This week’s Friday Fictioneers 100-Word challenge was hard for me. I just couldn’t get “connected” with those antique cars. But finally, thanks to Orville and Julie-Bell, I managed to come up with something. If you’d like to join the fun follow the link and get the details. My story is below Al’s photo prompt. THEContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 1/27/17 – The Date”

Prompt Nights – Glimpse Into the World of Edgar Allen Poe

This week on “Prompt Nights” Sanaa has challenged us to get our inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe. I’m super pressed with my regular teaching this week, so I don’t have time to write a brand new piece, but Sanaa assures us that previously written work is welcome. So since the theme immediately brought to mindContinue reading “Prompt Nights – Glimpse Into the World of Edgar Allen Poe”

Saturday Mix – Lorraine

Lorraine is the challenger for this week’s Saturday Mix. She has offered three possibilities to stir up our writing egos. I was most drawn to the 25-word challenge based on the picture. But you may enjoy the other two as well. So if you like writing and want to stretch yourself a little, take aContinue reading “Saturday Mix – Lorraine”

Saturday Mix 1/14/17 – ‘Last-Minute Decisions’

This week is the first time I’ve taken part in the “Mindlovesmisery” writing challenges. This week we are to write a story in 100 words or less. The host site offered a picture for inspiration, but I put that aside because the idea I wanted to work with didn’t fit that particular picture. To takeContinue reading “Saturday Mix 1/14/17 – ‘Last-Minute Decisions’”