Saturday Mix – Lorraine

Lorraine is the challenger for this week’s Saturday Mix. She has offered three possibilities to stir up our writing egos. I was most drawn to the 25-word challenge based on the picture. But you may enjoy the other two as well. So if you like writing and want to stretch yourself a little, take aContinue reading “Saturday Mix – Lorraine”

Tell Me A Story Saturday — 25 Words or Less — Writing Challenge

  Tell me a story – any story – as long as it’s your own original work. And as long as you tell it in 25 words or less. Post your story on your blog and then hop over here and post the link to it in the “Comments” section of this page. Leave aContinue reading “Tell Me A Story Saturday — 25 Words or Less — Writing Challenge”

Writing Challenge: The 25-Word Story

  Well, my jolly blogging buddies, I have a new wee challenge for you this morning. Most of us have heard the story that at one point in his career, the writing legend Ernest Hemingway accepted a challenge to write an entire story in just six words. I don’t know that anyone knows the exactContinue reading “Writing Challenge: The 25-Word Story”