Writing Challenge: The 25-Word Story



Well, my jolly blogging buddies, I have a new wee challenge for you this morning. Most of us have heard the story that at one point in his career, the writing legend Ernest Hemingway accepted a challenge to write an entire story in just six words. I don’t know that anyone knows the exact details of how that challenge came about, but the 6-word story attributed to him is the following: 

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Now, I’m issuing a challenge that is not quite as onerous as the one he met. And, in fact, it’s the same challenge I gave my college-level creative writing students this week: Write a complete story in only 25 words (or less if you prefer). You may choose the subject matter. 

You have one week to accomplish this task. Final post day, April 10 (although I have no objection to your posting a story at any time after that if you feel so inclined). When your story is complete, simply post it on your own blog, then copy and paste a link to it in the “Comments” section of this post.  Leave a comment too if you’d like.

Please be sure to include a link to this post on your own site as well, so that your readers can learn about the challenge and take part too.  And hop over during the week to check out the links to other writers’ stories.

Also, please remember that this site is open to readers of all ages, so it posts absolutely no “R” or “X” rated material. 

If you’re interested in participating but do not have a personal blog, feel free to post your story on your Facebook page or your LinkedIn page. (It’s short enough to go into the update window.) Then copy and paste the link in the “Comments” here.

When I write my own story, I’ll give it a separate post and paste a link here on this page with the rest of yours. 

Are you ready?  Let’s write!









13 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: The 25-Word Story

  1. Lyra McCarty wrote this story for the challenge, but she has no post to which I can link it, so I’m just posting the whole thing here:

    Karen was born on a sunny day in June. She married on a rainy day in May and died on her mother’s birthday in October.

    1. You can always post any time on my challenges, even when the week is up. I’m not sure how many people will see your link since it’s been a while, but go ahead and write a story and post your link in the Comments section of the challenge. On one of my challenges I was even late posting my own story.

      Also, I’m running a new challenge for all the Saturday’s in August. I’ll give you the link to it in case you want to get involved in that too.

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