Coffee Thursday 3/23/17: Cinquain

You knew I’d have to do it: write cinquain on the subject of coffee. I’m running a little late getting my “Coffee Thursday” post up this week, but I’m a great believer in “better late than never.” So here we go. If you’d like to take part, post your version of celebrating coffee on your blog and bring your link over here. Just post it in a Comment window below.



Life’s elixir.
The worlds most modest brew.
Yet holds the place most prominent
As drink.

Those who
Choose to abstain
Do not know what they miss.
For comfort and refreshing kick,
It’s bliss.

So come,
And share a cup.
Or maybe even two.
It warms the heart and bonds good friends –




Friday Fictioneers – February 8, 2013

This Friday’s challenge is here in the form of a photo from Rich Voza

Frid Fict Plane


He was Cherokee, she Scottish-American. But the moment they met in the airport coffee shop, they were connected. Waiting out the fog, they talked like old friends. When her plane was called, he carried her bag to her boarding gate.

A question in her eyes, she said, “Wow, Chicago and Dallas – talk about two people going in opposite directions.”

Light flared in his eyes. She didn’t want this to end either. He traced one gentle finger down her cheek.

Opposite today … but not always, I think.”

The light in her eyes leaped to his, just as the boarding line began moving.

His next words a promise: “I will see you again, Joy.”


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