Friday Fictioneers – February 8, 2013

This Friday’s challenge is here in the form of a photo from Rich Voza

Frid Fict Plane


He was Cherokee, she Scottish-American. But the moment they met in the airport coffee shop, they were connected. Waiting out the fog, they talked like old friends. When her plane was called, he carried her bag to her boarding gate.

A question in her eyes, she said, “Wow, Chicago and Dallas – talk about two people going in opposite directions.”

Light flared in his eyes. She didn’t want this to end either. He traced one gentle finger down her cheek.

Opposite today … but not always, I think.”

The light in her eyes leaped to his, just as the boarding line began moving.

His next words a promise: “I will see you again, Joy.”


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42 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – February 8, 2013

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment. I did respond to this earlier, but I don’t see my reply anywhere. So I’ll re-do. I agree on her name. This is a re-worded excerpt from a novel in progress, and Joy was the only name that seemed to fit perfectly for the character.

    1. Well, since this piece is a slightly re-worded excerpt from a novel in progress, I can tell you ahead of time that they will. Thanks. And thanks for including the link to yours. That makes it so easy. My computer is slow, and even though I try to get around to read the other stories, when I have to keep going from my page to the links page to the author’s page to the links page to the author’s page, etc, etc, it takes hours. This is much better.

    1. I hear ya’! I’ve never had one of those either. Wouldn’t it be great if we could write out our own life the way we write stories about other people?

      But then again — I’d have a terrible time deciding FOR SURE where, what, when, who, why, and how.

    1. Thank you. And I love it when other authors include the link to their stories in the comments. That makes it so easy. My computer is slow, and trying to go back and forth to the links page and pick up each one takes lots of time. This is much better. I’ll hop over there right now.

    1. You know, I couldn’t decide. This is a slight re-wording of an excerpt from a novel in progress, and when I re-worded (shortened) their response to each other in that moment, I just couldn’t get the question resolved in the time I had. Part of me wants to use a synonyms for his eyes, but then part of me wants the word to be the same so the the reaction in both of them is identical. Thanks for thinking about it with me. Of course, in the actual novel, there are more words available to me, and the description is easier anyway.

      1. Well, since you and Renee both think the two verbs should not be the same, that’s 2 to 1 in favor of change. I think I’ll try “flared” for his eyes. The word has more power anyway, and should work well. That way I can retain “leaped” for hers because it implies outward movement in meeting with his. Thanks for your input.

    1. Thank you. And I like “danced” as well. The problem is that “danced” doesn’t give the outward movement toward his light. I’ve thought about “flared” for his eyes rather than leaped, but I couldn’t get past the feeling I wanted them to be identical. It’s a moot point anyway, since this is an excerpt from a novel in progress and this whole description is different in the book, due to the lack of word restrictions. However, it’s fun to play around with words and their connotations just to see what we get. Thanks for your thoughts.

        1. You know, since you and “linger visions” both thought the words should not be the same, I think I’ll try “flared” for his eyes. There’s s little more power in that word anyway. We’ll see what comes up in the comments with the word “flared” in there instead. Thanks for your help.

          And yes, this will be the 5th in a series of inspirational novels.They haven’t made me a best-selling author, but they have been pretty successful. If you’re interested and have the time, the first one of the series is offered online for a free read and can be accessed via computer, digital reader, iPad, and iPhone at this link:

          1. Okay, if you and Linger Visions agree, then I think we have a winner.

            The book on the link is not actually the first book I had published, but it is the first book in The Smoky Mountain Series, and that’s the series that the novel I’m working on belongs to. The very first book I had published (Quenton’s Honor) may be offed online soon as well.

            I like having my books offered online for free reading — at least some of the time — because I don’t really write to make money. I can certainly use the money, but my main purpose for writing is that I feel it’s part of God’s call on my life, and I want the books to encourage and lift people. I’ve been helped and encouraged many times by material I’ve read online at no cost, and I know what a powerful took the Internet can be in that way. And I know many people who can’t really afford to go out and buy every book they’d like to read, so I’m a big believer in offering what I do without charge as often as possible.

    1. Thank you. I think I was about 17 words over, but Rochelle’s site says we won’t be penalized for a little over or under. The really hard part on this one for me was that it is actually an excerpt from a novel in progress (# 5 in a series), and the actual scene uses more like 300 words. Re-wording it to fit this challenge really was a CHALLENGE!

    1. Thank you very much for letting me know. I’m so glad it lifted you. That little piece is actually a slightly re-worded excerpt from one of my inspirational novels, and the only reason I write them is because I believe God uses them to encourage people and lift their faith.

      I hopped over to your site to see about your story for the challenge (I’m still getting around to some of the writers for the first time), and I discovered your science fiction piece. It was so interesting that I stopped to read several of the installments, but I’ll have to go back to read more.

      But I also saw that you have been experiencing a battle in your physical health. I just wanted to pass on a link to you in case you feel you could use more encouragement. I collaborate with a couple of other ministers on a site devoted exclusively to the subject of healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. It offers a great deal of teaching from God’s Word as well as personal testimonies and other tidbits of faith lifters. In case you would like to visit some time here’s the link:

      I’ll be praying for your total recovery.

    1. Thanks, Rochelle. Since it’s actually a slightly re-worded excerpt from one of my novels in progress, I can tell you ahead of time that they are in for a long and satisfying relationship.

  1. I know the feeling, but never the result. I have once or twice connected with someone on a flight so we really didn’t want to go off. But in reality people end up going opposite ways. I hope your characters are the exceptions.

    1. Thanks, Bjorn, and since this piece is a very shortened excerpt from the novel I have in progress right now (the 5th in a series), I can safely tell you that they are in for a very long and happy relationship — although they will have some struggles on the way there.

      But I relate so completely to what you’re saying about the connections with people that you feel should be more, but then they aren’t. It reminds me of a piece I wrote a couple years ago concerning that mystic type of experience that so many of us have where we see someone across a room or in line at a store and smile or say a few words, but somehow feel that there is a deeper connection if only we could get to it.

      There is a theory espoused by some that there is actually an alternate experience of life that is running concurrently with the one we are aware of — and that if we could be aware of it as well, it would give us the experiences to which our alternate choices would have opened the doors. I personally don’t believe that theory, but I am very aware that every choice we make is affecting how and with whom we spend every day of the rest of our lives.

      I’ve had several experiences in which I felt there should have been a deep connection with someone that I saw only in passing, but one day the experience was so profound that, as soon as I left the restaurant where it took place, I wrote it all down. I eventually posted it on this blog about a year ago. When you have some time, you might find it an interesting read, so I’ll include the link to it here.

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