Coffee Thursday 5/25/17

  I’m getting a late start on this week’s “Coffee Thursday” post, and I actually missed last week altogether. Life is just too, too busy right now. In light of that fact, I think I’d better make this week the last “Coffee Thursday” for a while. Maybe when things slow down a little, I’ll bringContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 5/25/17”

Coffee Thursday 5/11/17 – Coffee You Eat

` No, you didn’t misread the title. There really is coffee that you eat. It’s the brainstorm of the U.S. chocolate and coffee product manufacturer, Tierra Nueva — based in Miami, Florida. I came across the product as it is being sold through Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in my area of the country. Tierra Nueva hasContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 5/11/17 – Coffee You Eat”

Coffee Thursday 5/4/17 – For Those Iced Coffee Lovers Out There

Good morning, all you coffee lovers. Here we are at another “Coffee Thursday.”  I do love these posts — mainly because I love coffee. Today I decided to focus on some interesting material I came across for iced coffee lovers. I’m inserting links to two other sites with information you’ll enjoy. First is a siteContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 5/4/17 – For Those Iced Coffee Lovers Out There”

Coffee Thursday 4/27/17

` A short Coffee post today. It’s a really busy time for me, but I do still love my coffee. Don’t forget: you’re invited to post about coffee on your site and paste your link into the “Comments” windows below — anytime this week. Enjoy! ` I joined the queue outside the door, Just afterContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 4/27/17”

Coffee Thursday – 4/20/17

` Good Coffee + Good Friends = One of Life’s Happiest Experiences   Well, ‘Coffee Thursday’ has rolled around again already. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. And I do have fun with my ‘Coffee Thursday’ posts. I wish more of my readers would share their own coffee experiences or thoughts with aContinue reading “Coffee Thursday – 4/20/17”

Coffee Thursday 4/13/17: The Story of Maxwell House Coffee

` One of my favorite coffees is Maxwell House. I also really enjoy Folger’s and one or two other brands. But my family and I used Maxwell House regularly for years.  One of my favorite places to live has always been Nashville, Tennessee, and, interestingly enough, Maxwell House coffee was born there. A colonel byContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 4/13/17: The Story of Maxwell House Coffee”

Coffee Thursday – 4/6/17

    I normally prefer a mug for coffee. Although I’ve drunk my share in Styrofoam. And when I’m traveling for work or pleasure, I take a travel cup with lid from home. A cup that’s big and roomy has its assets. It lets me warm my hands around it’s bowl. Unfortunately, it also hasContinue reading “Coffee Thursday – 4/6/17”

Coffee Thursday 3/30/17

I learned just this week that coffee plants were originally exported from Africa to countries all over the world, and that currently there are 70 different nations that cultivate coffee.  I never paid must attention to the kind of coffee beans used in the coffee I buy, but over the past couple years, I’ve learnedContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 3/30/17”

Coffee Thursday 3/23/17: Cinquain

You knew I’d have to do it: write cinquain on the subject of coffee. I’m running a little late getting my “Coffee Thursday” post up this week, but I’m a great believer in “better late than never.” So here we go. If you’d like to take part, post your version of celebrating coffee on yourContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 3/23/17: Cinquain”

Coffee Thursday 3/9/17

` My, there’s just nothing that quite equals the soothing, uplifting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. And I’m tired of hearing all the uninformed critics out there who try to make coffee drinkers feel guilty because there is an element of caffeine in coffee. I have always maintained that, since the Lord told us in GenesisContinue reading “Coffee Thursday 3/9/17”

COFFEE THURSDAY! – a new invitational

` Hi. Today I’m embarking on a brand new INVITATIONAL post. It works like a blogging challenge, but I don’t consider it to be a “challenge.”  Instead it’s an invitation to all other bloggers out there to share a post on the same subject. And what is that subject you may ask?  COFFEE. Yes, youContinue reading “COFFEE THURSDAY! – a new invitational”