COFFEE THURSDAY! – a new invitational

Hi. Today I’m embarking on a brand new INVITATIONAL post. It works like a blogging challenge, but I don’t consider it to be a “challenge.”  Instead it’s an invitation to all other bloggers out there to share a post on the same subject.

And what is that subject you may ask?  COFFEE.

Yes, you read correctly. As most of my readers know, I am a lover of the brew, so I thought it would be fun to devote one day a week to focusing on a post dedicated to that aromatic, refreshing, comforting, and (yes) healthy beverage.

So if any of you readers would like to share you photos, graphics, poems, or prose on the subject of coffee, please join me on Thursdays. I’ll try to post very early in the day, and then you will have that whole week (until the next Thursday) to post your own response and hop over to my post for that week to leave your link in a comment window. And, of course, if you miss a week, we’ll be posting on the same subject again the following Thursday.

So let’s get started. My inaugural post is below. I’m eager to see some of yours. And while you’re working on that, have a cup of coffee on me.

Photo for the month of March on my Dayspring calendar. You’ll find more of their products here.







5 thoughts on “COFFEE THURSDAY! – a new invitational

  1. Love this Sandra. I don’t think I can do anything this week but you can be sure I will be participating when I can. Thank you for the invitation. 🙂

    1. Good. Take part whenever you can. And remember that your post doesn’t have to go up on a Thursday. Mine will go up each Thursday, but then you’ll have all week to post in response to that week’s post and add your link on my page. Then the next Thursday, I’ll post again and give a new page for links for that week.

  2. We’ve just returned from Milwaukee and Beloit, and have a VERY HEAVY weekend coming up – one that will require lots of coffee! I hope to have something up early next week. Ole Bill

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