Weeky Photo Challenge: Indulge

I cannot take credit for snapping this picture, because I am in it.  I am the ‘guzzler’ on the right. My cousin and I were aged one (me) and two, and our families often spent time together. Our dads were definitely not heavy drinkers, but they did enjoy a bottle of beer or a glass of wine occasionally. This photo was taken just after they had each finished off a bottle of beer, and handed the empty bottles to us to play with for the picture. Never one to let an opportunity for new experiences pass me by, I indulged myself.

10 thoughts on “Weeky Photo Challenge: Indulge

    1. So right! I mean … after all … I KNEW what a bottle was for. Thanks for taking the time to comment on it. It really is one of my favorite pictures, and my dad and I were laughing over it just this afternoon.

    1. Yes, my dad and I spent some time laughing about it again the day after I posted it. I’m sure when he snapped it, it never occurred to him that it might be posted publicly for all the world to see.

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