15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge — Contrast

  1. Very beautiful capture of what at first glance could be a genie popping out of a lamp…

    Yet, contrastingly, when I lean my head to the right, I see Ted Koppel doing the old construction worker nasal cleansing blast…
    I know…I’m crazy like that…lol
    Great Photo for the Challenge: Contrast
    I’m adding you to my Blogroll by the way…

    1. I appreciate that. I already added you to mine as well. And I was just going to send you a message about a website I think you’ll be interested in. It’s called “Faithful Bloggers.” You may know about it already, but if not, check it out. It’s part of a network of Christian writing sites, and they offer a number of opportunities to write your own blog articles and post links on their site — or to send articles as a guest blogger. It would be another open door for your material.

      Also, I’ve been thinking about that news blog I mentioned. I really think you should look into it further. Maybe you could start by posting even a couple of stories each day — or maybe just on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The big challenge will be getting the word out. But there are ways.

      First of all, if you’re not on Facebook, that would be a big help. I went on FB only as a tool for ministry — and hopefully to get more publicity for my books (but they are ministry too). A friend of mine made the point that if I were wanting to minister to people, then I shouldn’t be “choosy” about who I accepted “friend requests” from. I thought that made sense, so I accept everyone (only exception was one girl who called herself god and was interested in a lesbian relationship). But my point is that many of the people who read my posts every day on FB are not Christians and not living my lifestyle, but they are the ones who really need what I have to give. So I keep them as “friends,” which allows them to read everything I say about the Lord or morality issues, etc. Anyway, picking up 180 friends on FB has greatly enlarged the exposure of my Bible teaching and my books. It could do the same for a news blog if you had one and posted links to it on a FB page.

      Also, once you had it going regularly, it would be a good idea to add a little blurb and a link to the news blog at the bottom of all your e-mails. That should cause quite a few people to check it out.

      I’m really not trying to tell you what to do. It’s just an idea that keeps running around in my mind. I should probably tell you that I’ve always believed one of my assignments from the Lord is to help other people stretch themselves to fulfill their dreams and goals in ministry. I’m notorious for pushing people to ACT on their gifts and anointings. And I’m sure I’m probably overbearing about it at times. So feel free to ignore whatever part you don’t think fits for you. I promise I won’t keep harping on it.

    1. Most of my moon shots have been failures as well. There’s just something about holding both arms almost straight up over your head while trying to position a tiny white light into that little camera window that makes the arms not want to hold perfectly still!

    1. Yes, don’t quit trying. Most of my moon shots are failures, but this one worked out. Don’t really know what I did differently — other than pray. I did pray because it was such a beautiful sight (much more gorgeous than the camera shows) that I wanted it very badly. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. You also forgot to tell me if you see Ted Koppel in the photo you took…
    But, seriously, I appreciate what you’re saying, and admit I find it intriguing, -tempting even. I just don’t know enough about how to get stories. I mean, I always feel a little ridiculous struggling to finish an article about something all the first alert people, like you, and real news reporters are already publishing. Or, in most cases, already have published…Or else ─ I wouldn’t even know about them.

    Although, I am seriously thinking of researching and writing an article about the insane U.N.-Obama, and so called Diplomatic Community’s plan to give Bethlehem, and all the Holy Land parts of Jerusalem, including full control of the Temple Mount to the people who have sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

    In Other News. I think I was married to that girl who called herself god, and interested in lesbian relationships…Okay, that was a lie…As far as I know she was only interested in other guys.

    I would certainly welcome all the encouragement, wisdom, and even “Harping” on how to ACT on eeek… Writing a book?
    God Bless You…

  3. Fab picture, go cross eyed trying to see more. Like looking at stars and trying to see more..:)
    PS, thanks for your comments on my post, your suggestions just love ideas. Not sure what you mean by note cards…

    1. Okay, Note cards: I’m a graphic artist for St. Ellen Press, and we make greeting cards and blank (inside) note cards. For the note cards, we generally use a half size sheet of good quality card stock (which measures 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches). Create a document in your Word Program or Open Office Program and format it to that size. Then on one side you insert the picture that you want on the front of your card.

      The trick is to decide if you want the card to fold vertically or horizontally and lay it out according. (Vertically requires a “landscape” layout, and horizontal requires a regular portrait layout. And all those options are in your “format” tool at the top of your page — and usually in your printer options as well.) Often I decide which layout is best based on the way the picture looks. Some photos are just more horizontal or vertical.

      For a professional company, of course, we have all the necessary company name, copyright info, and price on the back of our cards. You wouldn’t have to have anything on the back — or you could come up with your own “cutsy” name for your card production. I don’t know if I’ve made all this clear or not, but if it’s still a little muddy, let me know. I’ll try to do better.

      1. No, thats great Sandra, I understand what you are saying, and I have a couple of card programs and Publisher which might work. But will get back to you if I hit a problem.. Thank you so much for input and support. We all want this, so for now thanks..

        1. Glad to share. Hope you get some good results. But please don’t feel that you HAVE to try it just because I suggested it. I can sometimes get a little overbearing if I see that someone has a gifts or special talent that could be used even more. It tend to think that because I think something is a great idea, then everyone else should too. Not always practical. But I mean well. And sometimes people just don’t want to do something I suggest. Please know that is perfectly fine as well. I’m never offended at that. But all that being said, I still think those pics would make a nifty note card set.

  4. Definitely DO IT: The UN – Obama – Israel thing, I mean. The whole world needs to be reminded again and again and again that Israel was given her land by God Himself and that anyone who tries to take it away from her is opening the door wide to the devil and anything he wants to throw at them. To think the devil won’t step into that breach and reap destruction is pure lunacy. He knows — even if the politicians do not — that standing against Israel takes a nation right out of God’s protective hand. Israel’s victory in these situations is a foregone conclusion; the only thing up for grabs is who is on her side and who isn’t. Anyone with any sense will get over on her side and STAY THERE. Needless to say, that tells you how much sense I believe Mr. Obama has.

    As far as the news is concerned, I think you might be giving too much credit to those of us who report for local city or county papers. We don’t necessarily stay “on top” of all the national/international stuff much better than the regular “man on the street.” But I believe YOUR forte lies more in reporting things for the sake of COMMENTING on them. You need a site that allows you to operate as a news commentator (ie: O’Reilly, Huckabee, Beck). On a site set up for that purpose, you don’t have to be the FIRST person to talk about the story. You just have to say what God tells you to say about it after it’s out there. And, of course, if it works out once in a while that you can scoop some of the big boys, all the better.

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