Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 12

Okay, you all know how much I love Christmas, so, naturally, I have to bring the celebration to my windows.  This is three views of the window of my front door and the Christmas wreath which pretty much covers it. So, yeah, really it’s pictures of my Christmas wreath, but I figure there’s enough window showing to make it legal for the challenge.




Please be sure to leave the links to your windows in the Comments section below.

51 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 12

    1. Hey, I’m not sure if I replied to your windows picture on this comment or on the one you made before. But just in case — I said your windows picture is ‘very neat.’ I can only imagine how far UP you had to look and what kind of strain you had to put your neck in to get it.

    1. Wonderful, Knowledgeknut!

      And there was a time when I was in a place (for several years) where I couldn’t afford much in the way of Christmas decorations, but the Lord helped me to improvise with new, creative ideas. And I can honestly say I enjoyed them every bit as much as any decorations I’ve ever had. You will too.

      1. Hi Sandra

        I’m sure your right. I hadn’t really given any thought to making some. I think I was still caught up in the fact that there were some ornaments that had a special meaning to them that I will never see again. But, in the end it is ok. I don’t have the room for a tree and the play I’m in has zapped most of the energy I have. So, it gives me something to look forward to next year.

        Thank you!

        1. Well, I didn’t actually make my decorations. But for a period of time I didn’t have room for much decorating either and almost no money. I had some decorations that my mother had made, but there was no room to put a tree on which to use them. But I love Christmas and getting ready for it, so I prayed for the Lord to show me how to do it on my almost non-existent budget. I shopped around at some discount stores until I found a pretty artificial green wreath that had white lights on it — for $10.00. Then I bought a dollar package of silver balls to stick on it. I bought a couple big read plastic bows for a dollar each. That took care of the outside. Later I found a really small artificial tree with lights — for $9.00. A 97-cent ornament for the top of the tree and a $1.00 package of window clings can go a long way toward making your house look festive. And just a few inexpensive ornaments hung from kitchen cabinets or window curtain rods — or grouped together in a pretty dish or vase — can really get the focus on celebrating Christmas — and without it taking much time. Sometimes I think creating a whole new kind of decorating can make Christmas even more enjoyable because it’s like a new beginning.

          I hope you discover your own new Christmas look this year.

          1. Sandra

            That is an absolutely beautiful story. I didn’t even realize what I would be missing by not doing something even on a small scale. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. I think I may know where I have a few things that I can use…………….

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