Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 16

I’m late with “Thursday’s Windows” again this week — due to the fact that I was sick this past week and had my work schedule flopped around, so that I was a little out of sync. Since I’m evidently having a problem keeping up with the program, I think it’s probably time to bring this particular photo challenge to a close. So next week, beginning Thursday, January 10, will be the final “Thursday’s Windows” photo challenge.  Please post this week, and then look for one of your favorites to post next week to close out the fun. And it has been GREAT FUN!  Thank you all for taking part.

My photo this week is one more Christmas window.  Since my family and I celebrate Christmas until Epiphany, which is January 6, that let’s me share Christmas windows one more time. This window is the top half of my dad’s front door.

Exif JPEGIf you shared a new link for this week on last week’s post, you may want to re-post that link here so that everyone will see it.

26 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 16

    1. I like Christmas pictures all year.

      I certainly don’t mind if you want to step in and keep a “Thursday’s Windows” challenge going. I can most likely take part most of the time, but I do feel it’s time I set aside the responsibility for it personally.

      Next week will officially be my last challenge post, so let me know, and if you want to take it over, I’ll announce that in the post and provide a link to your site.

        1. I’m just glad you’ll enjoy doing it. I have really enjoyed it, and when I started this — on a whim one Thursday morning a little over 4 months ago — I had NO idea it would get this big or that so many others would enjoy it as well. I guess I had figured maybe half a dozen people at most might enjoy sharing some window pictures. Figure my surprise when scores of people from all over the world starting pouring in widow pictures!

          It is great fun, and if the rest of my life (including 3 jobs and the ministry) were more “scheduled” at this time, I’d probably stick with it longer, but lately I’ve realized that I can’t guarantee anything internet related where certain days of the week are concerned. And I don’t want others having to wait on me to share. So I hope you really enjoy going on with it, and I’ll try to throw in some widows on the weeks that I can.

          I’ll post your blog name and the link to it with my last challenge picture next Thursday and encourage everyone to move right on over to you.

  1. Sorry to here you have been under the weather Sandra after having a sad week before too .
    I ‘ve really enjoyed participating in your Thursday’s Windows and seeing other people’s pictures from different places – quite a collection all round ! I can imagine tho’ it’s a commitment you can do without at the moment .
    So …. Thank You Very Much for hosting and fingers xx’d you’ll be feeling tip top soon !
    I’ ll be there for a finale 😉 …

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. One of the other ladies who likes the challenge has asked if she can take it over. I told her I don’t mind at all if she wants to keep doing a “Thursday’s Windows” challenge. So if she decides to do so, I’ll be sure and post a link to her site with the last post next week.

    1. Gilly, I did reply to this comment, but I don’t see the reply anywhere, so I’ll try again. Yes, I will definitely keep blogging — pretty much as usual I think. I just feel that I probably don’t need to try to keep up with the windows challenge these days because I can’t be sure of my schedule in so many other areas right now. I don’t want readers hung up and waiting on me to get the challenge up on time when some weeks I’m just not going to be able to get things done according to plan.

      But one of the other readers has asked it she could just take the challenge over and keep it going. I don’t see any reason for her not to do so, and she seems very excited about the idea. So next week, when I post my final challenge picture, I’ll also post her site name and the link to it so others can keep going through her site if they like. I’ll probably try to post some more window pictures with the rest of you, but I won’t feel the pressure to be “on time” every week. This has really been fun, and it’s opened the door to meeting so many interesting bloggers.

      1. Dear Sandra
        Yes I saw her reply, that’s really good and I’m glad it was a success for you. I hope your busy schedule is manageable for you and that you have a happy and successful 2013!

        1. Thanks. Things, in general, aren’t really overwhelming, and I hope there will be more income this year as a result of being a little more busy. The Lord has always provided for me in lean years, but I think He has opened some doors to an easier year financially this year — even though it means being spread a little thinner where responsibilities are concerned. But I will definitely stick with the blogging. I have made too many new friends (whom I value highly) to give that up.

    1. This is wonderful, Cee. Lighthouses are one of my very favorite things in the whole world. A painting of one by Steven Sundram inspired (actually DROVE ME to write) a whole novel a few years ago. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture like this one, where you could see through one of those little bitty windows up high. Thanks for sharing.

      I have had a lot of fun doing this challenge, but so many other responsibilities are pressing right now that I just don’t think I need to try to stay on a “schedule” of any kind for the blogging. I don’t want others to have to wait on me to post something. But one of the other readers has asked if she could take over the challenge and is very excited at the idea. I’ll post her link with the last picture next week, and maybe people can still take part in the challenge that way. I”ll try to send in pictures some weeks as well, but I won’t feel the pressure of it.

      Thanks again.

    1. This is a great one, Paul. But now you have to explain those little lights showing up in that odd pattern through the window.

      I will miss the challenge. I have enjoyed it very much, and I’m especially grateful to have made the acquaintance of many other bloggers through it. But so many other responsibilities are pressing right now that feeling like I MUST be “on schedule” with the windows posts is one more pressure I don’t need to deal with. I don’t want other bloggers to be depending on me and not be able to stay on schedule. So, even though I’ll keep posting on my blogs fairly regularly, I will be free to miss something I planned if necessary.

      But one of the other readers has asked if she could just take over the challenge, and I told her I don’t see any reason why she can’t. So I’ll post her name and link with the final picture next week, and maybe everyone can stay active through her posts. I’ll definitely throw in some of my windows as often as I can.

      Thanks so much for taking part in this with such terrific contributions. I’ve enjoyed everyone of them — as well as your writing. I’ll keep visiting your site.

      1. Thanks. I’m feeling a lot like you and have complained openly about it. I will be trying to scale back as I work on other things and keep them “on schedule” as you say. No one needs to feel obligated to others when blogging. At least I don’t think so. Blogging, or posting blogs, should be free of any unwanted stress. Wait, that’s a stupid way of putting it. Who wants stress?

        Oh, those little light patterns in the window. It was an old deserted building and, as far as I remember, those were pinholes of sunlight shining through the decaying roof.

    1. Very nice, Charles. I like all four of them, but that little one nestled into the ivy-covered wall is my favorite. It looks so inviting. I’m sorry you have just discovered this challenge. I’ve decided this week that next week will be my last challenge post, due to so many other responsibilities pressing to keep me on a “schedule.” I’ll post on my blogs, but I won’t feel the pressure to be “on time” with the challenge and the responses.

      However, another reader has asked it she could just take over the challenge and keep it going, so I will post the link to her site with my last picture next week, and, hopefully, everyone who enjoys the challenge will stick with it.

  2. I love the stained glass Christmas window! I’m sorry you have been sick, and that hosting your windows challenge is coming to an end. I do understand though, especially trying to keep a regular posting schedule while keeping up with other obligations. I look forward to and will continue reading your posts here, and on your other blogs. I see that lingeringvisions is taking over the photo challenge, and I’ll still be participating when I can. Here is my (very late) entry for this week:

    1. Sharon, I love this! It brings back some memories from my days as a child when I was in the Baptist church and the Church of God. Of course, then I spent many years in the Lutheran church, and we used a baptismal font where the water was poured. I’ve been around. I was baptized by pouring, and then years later was baptized in a lake. In most of our charismatic churches, the baptistry is a mobile unit — or they tend to baptize out in a real river or lake. Anyway, I love your picture.

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