Happy Birthday!

BIRTHDAY CAKE 1Happy Birthday to “Sandra Conner … By the Book”!  Yes, it has been one whole year today. I know that because February 1st is my personal birthday as well.  I had not deliberately planned to begin my third blog on my birthday, but it worked out that way.  As I was posting my “About” page for this site last year, I thought how appropriate it was that I was giving birth to a new extension of myself on this particular day. 

So mainly I just want to say, “Thank You!” to all of you readers out there who have made this blog an adventure and a great joy this past year. So many of you have become friends whom I cherish, and several of you are brand new acquaintances I am genuinely pleased to meet and will hopefully get to know very well in the near future.

BALLOONS VERTICLEI do appreciate the connections and communication with so many creative, talented people.  It’s the creativity in each of us that fosters, nourishes, and edifies the creativity in one another.  I have had the privilege this whole past year of being the recipient of your encouragement, your stimulation, once in a while your correction, and always your affection. That blessing adds greatly to my happiness as I celebrate this birthday.

I also want to specifically thank my life-long friend Terry Valley for the artwork that serves as my header photo this week. Terry is a professional photographer and graphic artist, and he created this piece and sent it to me for use on my blog.

Well, I’m ready for a party. I hope each one of you has a day as happy as mine.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks so much, Gerry. This is number 65 for me, and I’m feeling younger every day. I think partly it’s being old enough that a lot of unimportant things really do finally seem unimportant, and life is simpler as a result.

    1. Thanks so much, Dennis. It’s been a very fun year on here. I got a notice about 5 days ago from WordPress that my very first blog had reached its 2-year anniversary. I hadn’t realized that. I enjoy that blog a lot as well, and it’s there mainly for the purpose of ministry. But I don’t seem to interact with nearly as many people through that site, and I think that’s what makes a lot of the difference in the enjoyment. And, of course, having started this one on my own birthday obviously made it easier to remember. I thought it would be a shame not to celebrate in some form.

    1. Thank you, and just remember “late” is a relative term. I started celebrating and receiving presents Tuesday, and I’m still having cake and ice cream even as I write this on Saturday night. So, as far as I’m concerned, you’re right on time.

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