WordPress Daily Writing Prompt — Cupid’s Arrow

WordPress has challenged us today to write an Ode to something or someone we love, in honor of Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t in the mood to write anything serious, so I opted for light-hearted and decided to write an Ode to My Little Red Car. Hope it adds to your Valentine’s Day fun. (And please don’t tell my little red car that I’m not “serious.”).


Ode To My Little Red Car

Oh, My Little Red Car, you’re a beauty.
Like a jewel, you glimmer and shine.
You look great in daytime or nighttime.
And I’m so proud to say you are mine. 

You are what people call fuel efficient,
Which means you don’t guzzle the gas.
And e’en though you are small and quite humble,
You can zoom with the best when I pass. 

You’re an expert when it comes to parking.
You know just how to squeeze into place,
And you get out of tight spots quite nicely,
Never leaving, a scratch, nick, or trace.

Though tiny outside, you’ve room inside.
I don’t have to bow head or scrunch knees.
And when transporting all my belongings,
Your convertible seats aim to please. 

I just tool down the road in full pleasure,
Knowing we are a beautiful sight.
And I know that in all kinds of weather,
Your equipment will handle it right. 

What a joy you are, Little Red Buddy.
And my heart knows that you feel the same.
We’re a team, you and I, car and driver,
And to keep you forever’s my aim. 

Oh, it’s true that I used to love big cars,
And I never had planned to go small.
But, My Little Red Car, you have stolen my heart;
You’re the best car I’ve owned above all.

~ ~ ~

You can take part in the challenge by visiting the WP challenge page here:



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