WordPress Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five — A Poem of 4 Vowels

(Here’s the link to the challengehttp://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/daily-prompt-25/)

A B C BLOCKSA Poem of 4 Vowels

Sometimes I write too long.
Sometimes I write too short.
Sometimes I write to make a point.
Sometimes I write for sport.

Now WordPress challenged me
To write a post that’s strange.
Cannot be done the easy way.
I have to make a change.

They say only twenty-five
Of letters are allowed.
And if I’m brave they then insist
That I leave off a vowel!

So in this little poem,
One vowel I’ll avoid.
I hope it won’t be sorely missed,
And my good name destroyed.

Let’s see, what can I choose?
There’s only five to start.
Oh, my, this is a challenge real.
WordPress, please have a heart!

Okay, I’ve made my choice.
So happy I can be.
The vowel I’ve chosen to ignore
Lives between ‘T’ and ‘V’.

~ ~ ~

17 thoughts on “WordPress Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five — A Poem of 4 Vowels

  1. Oh, “U” clever little darlin…lol nicely done…I was thinking about you while I was writing that post you commented on, and went to the WordPress Reader to find you…and guess what… although it showed the usual list of recent posts from around the bloggerhood…only YOUR picture was at the bottom left in the wee wittle corner.. I thought that was sweet, and apparently God Ordained for whatever reason…
    God Bless
    In Yeshua.. \ 0 / Lord I lift Your Name on High !!! \ 0 /

    1. Oh, I should clear that up a bit…the little picture at the bottem left of “Each” and every post, where the posters picture should have been …was your smiling face alone… hehe I loved it.

    2. Well I am laughing out loud at your opening line here. Boy, we are both just TOO clever for our own good, aren’t we?

      And it’s true that only God knows why my picture was down in the “wee wittle corner.” Some of the stuff that happens on here has no explanation. I don’t even think WordPress understands it.

      Sometimes I think dealing with Cyberspace is like being suddenly translated to an entirely different solar system.

  2. P.S. again…I answered your question on the comment of my post, but, to simplify it for you, and in case you don’t run across it before it gets put back into the dusty holes of past comment archives, due to all these after thoughts I keep having to post…I’ll copy it to here:
    Easy…it’s actually CSS, or cascading code…but, I don’t waste much time doing that as others usually have something I like already: Go 2 Photobucket
    Search and Click an image you like:
    Drop Down Image Links
    Click on the “Direct Link”to copy
    then on your wordpress editor click
    Post from URL
    Paste it in where you want it…
    Then to give the owner credit
    I copy the actual URL in the browser
    window of their page, and use it to make
    a “link” at the bottom of my post with their
    name on it….God Bless you and thanks so much
    for your encouraging comments.

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