NaPoWriMo – Day 18, Poem # 2 — ‘Liquid Color’


This is the 18th day of National Poetry Writing Month, and the prompt today is to write a poem that begins and ends with exactly the same word. If you want to join in the fun there’s still plenty of time. Visit this site:

I was inspired on this challenge to use free verse, which I rarely use. Moreover, I was inspired to write two separate poems for this particular prompt.  This is my second poem. The first appears in its own post previous to this one.


Green is a liquid color.
It flows over my soul in a gentle way.
It runs through my feelings like a child at play.
It springs up in me like an April day.
The most liquid of colors is green.


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Day 18, Poem # 2 — ‘Liquid Color’

    1. Hey, thanks, Dennis. I thought maybe it was a little far out, but it’s just something I felt rather strongly. And I’ve noticed that green has become one of my favorite colors over the past year. Blue has always been my most favorite, with yellow a very close second. But I have never had any real affinity for green. Odd, because yellow and blue together make green, right? Well, anyway, this past year I realize I have been powerfully drawn to green for some reason. Thus, my new poem.

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