100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 92



Yellow sun, yellow moon,
Yellow ribbon on yellow balloon;

Yellow crayons for coloring,
Yellow bird that chirps and sings.

Yellow squash ripe on the vine,
Yellow daffodils — all mine. 

Yellow hair, with cheeks so pink,
Yellow lemonade to drink;

Yellow duckies, yellow chicks,
Yellow grapefruit freshly picked;

Yellow butter drips and drops
From tender, yellow corn-on-cob. 

Yellow curtains, crisp and bright,
Yellow anti-bug porch light; 

But yellow has its ugly side:
Yellow fever; could have died;

Yellow-bellied, yellow streak,
Yellow-livered, backbone weak.

And sometimes yellow can’t be seen:
It hides in blue and turns to green.


I have to admit I sort of cheated, because I originally wrote this poem a few weeks ago as part of the National Poetry Writing Month challenge. But it just seemed to fit this prompt from Julia so perfectly that I thought it would be a shame not to use it. And with 97 words, what more could I ask for?

Join the fun by going to Julias site for the details.100 WORD CHALLENGE LOGO

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