3 thoughts on “Video Tribute to My Dad, Ted Pavloff

    1. Thanks, Gerry. We are also playing one at the funeral during the reception time. This one on the funeral home site would hold only 50, but for the one at the church tomorrow, we will show 81 pictures. You know, when a man lives 88 years, fights in a major war, is married twice and raises two families from those marriage — including great-grandchildren — works as a journalist, an accountant, and a minister — and does so in several different states and a couple different countries — you just can’t cover it all in one video program. We sure tried though.

      I hope things are going better for you.

      1. I lost my dad many years ago now,, and with this modern day,, we can honour and maintain their memories so well and wonderful like a statue,, always there. As for me Sandra I am not yet, but will not intrude on your moment, another time maybe. Thank you so much, and always thinking and best wishes to you and family.

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