BlogFrestivus 2013 – Day 2 — ‘Request for Transfer’

Day 2’s instructions are to write a 200-word story about the Spirit of Christmas Past. Our Hostess is Blogdromedy, and you can hop over to her blog to check out the rules if you’d like to participate. My story and a list of the other participating writers are below the logo (artwork created by our hostess, by the way).

Happy BlogFestivus 2013


“Mr. Alexander, Ghost of Christmas Past is here for his 2:00 appointment.”

“Send him in.”

As the door opened, his boss could see that Past was unhappy.

“Good to see you, Past. We haven’t had a talk in – what – three or four years?”

“Four years, Sir,” Past said, taking a seat.

“I get a lot of good reports about your work. But you look unhappy. Is something wrong?”

“Yes, Sir. Something’s very wrong!”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Can I help?”

“Well, Sir, I was wondering if I couldn’t trade places with Christmas Present for a while.”

“But you’re an expert at what you do, Past. Why would you want to have to learn a whole new job?”

“Because I never get a chance to use any of the new stuff. I never get to play video games, or use cell phones, or those gadgets they call iPods. Why, do you realize I’ve never even had a chance to use a computer? And these brand new thing-a-ma-jigs that they call Google Glass — wow! — they look like a blast!

“It just isn’t fair, Sir!  So I’m here to request a transfer.”


The Other BlogFestivus Writers

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8 thoughts on “BlogFrestivus 2013 – Day 2 — ‘Request for Transfer’

    1. Thank you, Sir. The thing is that I actually wrote the story for the last day first — the one about Tiny Tim. Then I wrote the one for the 2nd day — which was today. Yesterday was Day 1 and supposed to be Ebenezer Scrooge. I just barely got one written for that one and didn’t get it posted until 1:30 pm yesterday (my time). But I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do for Christmas Present and Christmas Future. I’ve been working on a children’s book that is to be a Christmas present for four different kids, and I HAVE TO HAVE IT DONE IN TWO DAYS!!!!! So that’s costing me some time as well.

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