Blog-Festivus 2013 – Day 1 – Ebenezer the Suitor



The creator and host of this challenge is Blogdramedy. Here’s what she has to say about taking part in the challenge:

“Here is it, the start of the Christmas holiday season. This means it must be time forBlogFestivus.

For 2013, we’re going with a Christmas classic. Just to see how far from traditional you bloggers can roam without totally losing the thread of this year’s theme.

Are we ready? Then here are the details.

1. It’s a short challenge. Just 5 stories over 5 days. From December 16 to December 20.

2. You don’t need to come up with a lot of words. Only 200 for each story.

3. This year, we’ll be writing to “A Christmas Carol“ and you can make it a serial story or each piece can stand alone.

Day One: Ebenezer Scrooge
Day Two: Ghost of Christmas Past
Day Three: Ghost of Christmas Present
Day Four: Ghost of Christmas Future
Day Five: Tiny Tim

To mix it up a little, we’ll set the scene in 2013. Your stories can be naughty or nice. Based in reality or totally out there. You decide. It’s your blog. Video and audio posts count.”


So for Day # 1, Here is my Ebeneezer Scrooge story:


Ebenezer had never felt his heart stop beating before. Was that what was happening, or was he just forgetting to breathe? He wasn’t sure, but He did know he was looking at the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen, and he was glad he’d worn the new suit.

“Ebenezer, meet my cousin, Marilee Cratchit,” said Bob.

Marilee extended her hand, and Scrooge took it, becoming submerged in the magical cloud of her cologne. He’d been nervous about attending this party, but since his regeneration on Christmas day last year, he was welcomed everywhere. Right now he felt ten feet off the ground. It seemed being a kind, generous man really was the most important thing in life.

“Ebeneezer, I’ve been dying to meet you,” Marilee cooed. “Come sit with me and talk.”

His heart danced. He was actually going to get another chance at real love.

“What shall we talk about?” he asked her, contemplating ways to express his renewed heart to her.

“Why, your money, of course!” she said. “They say you’re the richest man in this town!”

Disappointed at her words, he answered: “Uh … I don’t know. Is it important?”

“Well it is to me! I’m looking for a rich husband.”

“Marilee,” he said, “let me read you a story by Charles Dickens.”


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9 thoughts on “Blog-Festivus 2013 – Day 1 – Ebenezer the Suitor

    1. Hey, thank you! I wasn’t positive I’d get it in on time. But here in the States it’s just about half-way through the 16th, so I’m off and running. I do love that Dickens story, so this is great fun for me. Glad I found out about your challenge in time.

  1. Setting it one year after Scrooge’s transformation was a really good idea. And then the surprise twist: irony! I’ll be very curious to see if Scrooge can pay it forward. 🙂

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