WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Why is it we’re so often unhappy with pictures of ourselves? Of course, many people are not unhappy, but those are the folks who possess that intangible something that makes them beautifully photogenic. They look good from any angle, and in any pose.

Unfortunately I am not listed in that category. Over the years, I’ve had so many people say to me, “That looks just like you,” when they look at a photo of me, and I want to say, “Oh, no! I hope not!”

However, although I’m not one of those people who has been blessed with a particularly photogenic physiognomy, I do believe I am a good sport. So, in keeping with my habit of posting something for WP’s weekly challenge, I’ve followed the rules and clicked the button on myself. I’ll close my eyes while you look.


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22 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. You are gorgeous! There’s a light shining from you and you have such a beautiful smile that lights up your eyes as well. Not many people can say they are beautiful without any make-up. I am one of them. You don’t need any at all as you are a natural beauty. 😀

  2. Sandra, you are beautiful! The love, light and love of Jesus shines out of you. There is amazing life and delight in your smile. The beauty of Jesus shines out from you! God made you his lovely treasure.
    Pure Glory

    • Thank you for such kind words. I do pray that the love of Jesus will shine out of me. Everyone needs that love, and my highest priority in this life is doing all I can to share it with everyone I meet.

      • You have a sparkle in your countenance of a multi-faceted jewel. Yahweh created you radiating with his beauty. Accept the truth you are beautiful! It is not kindness but the TRUTH! 🙂

    • Hey, thank you, Dennis. I’m just one of those people who’s always felt self-conscious about my own pictures. But, in truth, it’s probably just another form of vanity, so I need to get over it.

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