Velvet Verbosity #367 — Lunch with Xavier

I haven’t taken part in the Velvet Verbosity writing challenge previously, but I read Dawn Miller’s entries all the time, and it always sounds interesting, so this week I decided I should jump in as well. The prompt was the word “Lunch.” If you’d like to take part, you’ll find the host of the challenge and the rules at this link:



Victoria had a lunch date – in a city where no one knew her. Sweating hands, butterflies – it was guilt. But why? After all, her husband Arnold had stopped making love to her, even stopped talking to her. She had to look for love and excitement elsewhere – like the Internet — and she’d used a fictitious name.

Excitement replaced fear now as she remembered that Xavier was the complete opposite of Arnold. Every word of his e-mails made her feel like a real woman again. Her heart pounded as she followed the maitre d’ to Xavier’s table for their initial meeting. Xavier stood and faced her:







    1. It makes me feel like I want to hurry up and get to the next chapter to find out what happens, but then I remember that I’m the one who would have to write the next chapter — and I don’t know what happens!!!

    1. Thanks. And, yes, I find myself thinking, “I wonder what happened to them,” but then I think, “Well, darn, I have to write another chapter in order to find out.” Sometimes I love the idea that I control what they do, and other times I’d much rather the characters themselves surprise me.

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