Friday Fictioneers — February 28 — Leap of Love




“You’ve GOT to be kidding!”

Shhhh, you’ll wake your parents.”

Good. Then they’ll be awake to plan the funeral.”

Don’t be ridiculous, Annette. You knew we’d have to do something unconventional to sneak you out without their knowing. What’d you expect?”

Fool that I am, I expected a ladder, of course!”

Shhh!  All right!  Forget it. I should have eloped with Bernadette when she begged me.”

He climbed back over the balcony rail and jumped onto the hay-filled tractor bed.

He looked at her, his heart aflame in his eyes.

Her own heart leaped over the balcony, and she had no choice but to follow.


Photo by Sandra Crook

Friday Fictioneers Hostess: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Visit her site to find out how to take part in this 100-word story challenge.






16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — February 28 — Leap of Love

  1. Dear Sandra,

    I suppose if the hay was high enough she wouldn’t have far to leap. I love the last line. And what a story they’ll have to tell their children and grandchildren. 😉



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