Velvet Verbosity # 372 – Short Engagement



Velvet Verbosity this week presented us with the word “Smack” as our prompt for a 100-word story. Below the picture is my story. I didn’t have any choice but to write it. The concept SMACKED me in the head and wouldn’t go away.




Daphne, for weeks I’ve fought against the whole idea of loving you. I’ve argued all the reasons I should never even consider marrying you. You’re too unsophisticated and uneducated to fit into my social set. And your looks – well – you know what you see in the mirror. I need a beautiful woman beside me – who matches my looks.  So you can see how I’ve struggled.

Yet … I’ve lost the battle, Daphne.  I am in love with you and cannot escape it.  I’ve decided to marry you and suffer the consequences.  Here’s the ring.”

SMACK!  The black eye lasted a week.



(My apologies to Jane Austen for borrowing and abusing her unique “love” scene idea from Pride and Prejudice. I just couldn’t pass up the perfect fit of that concept with this prompt.)






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