Floral Friday Foto – 8/28/14 – Pink Lily Pads by Terry Valley

I decided I had to participate in Floral Friday Foto this week so I could showcase this brand new picture by my photography friend Terry Valley — since he doesn’t blog these days so can’t showcase it himself. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.






19 thoughts on “Floral Friday Foto – 8/28/14 – Pink Lily Pads by Terry Valley

    1. I don’t really know since it’s Terry’s work. My guess is that it is not two put together because he tends to be a purist when he does this kind of photography, but I’ll ask him when I get a chance and let you know.

    2. Hi, Tom. I’m not sure if you will get the comment from Terry or not in answer to your question about his photo. So I will paste it here, and that way you can read his own words:
      “No, this is a single photograph, but was touched up with GIMP. Thanks for commenting.”

  1. What a wonderful composition! Love it!
    Thank you for participating in last week’s Floral Friday Fotos. Look forward to seeing you link up again this week.

  2. I’ve never asked him about the tree. The branches and needles look a little like my blue spruce, but the actual branches on my spruce are smaller in circumference. But it’s certainly an evergreen of some kind.

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