Writing 201:Poetry – Day 10 — ‘The Search for Love’

Ahhh, the Sonnet.  We must not leave out this unique jewel of the poetic treasury. For our final day of the course, our assignment is to write a sonnet on the subject of the future and to incorporate the technique of chiasmus (basically an inversion or reversal of words or phrases for the sake of repetition and/or emphasis.)  Okay: I have written a sonnet. I have touched on the future. And I have inserted the barest example of chiasmus in the final couplet. Yeah!

Thanks to WordPress guru Ben Hubermen for his creative assignments, his laid back discipline, and his whole-hearted encouragement. I’ve forgotten how many thousands of us participated, and we certainly gave ol’ Ben a work out riding herd on us, but Ben’s smile is still in place — at least in his gravatar picture — so that ‘s a good sign. This was much, much fun, and I hope we do it again sometime soon.


The Search for Love

I searched for love when I was but a teen,
The titillating, quiv’ring love of youth.
I sought the shining knight from all my dreams,
Not understanding dreams are seldom truth.

In later years, the search grew more intense,
But by that time, I yearned for something more.
By adding to my passion common sense,
I sought the richer things love had in store.

Now, many years have come and gone since then,
And I’ve grown so much wiser with my age.
I’ve loved and lost and loved and lost again,
But losing love did not my search assuage.

In future, ever toward love I shall move:
To love is to live; to live well is to love.




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