Merry Christmas in Verse

Christmas TreasuresK'S GINGERBREAD -- TIGHT TRIM

Gingerbread and stockings …
Christmas trees and holly …
Loving friends and family …
Peace and hope and laughter …
These belong to Christmas.

God’s rich love for mankind …
Word made flesh incarnate …
Coming for just one purpose …
Dying that I could have life …
Christmas belongs to me!


Longing For Them Now

CHRISTMAS CAT - SEARS - 1962 - LARGERBright flashes of blissful moments,
Fluttering pages of Christmas memories
Drifting through my mind.

Pages of memories of childhood beam
With living, expectant Christmas dreams.
Longing for them now.

Remembering how each page was able to ignite
My imagination, which brought each one to life.

Oh, happy, happy days!
Bright daydreams and wishes,
Make-believing magic,
Found within the pages –
The Christmas catalogs.


Who Is This Babe of Bethlehem?

A tiny, helpless child;

At His death,
A lamb so meek and mild;

At His grave,
A conqueror supreme;

At His coming,
Universal King!


Christmas Cinquain

Exif JPEG# 1

Floating music,
Making merry sound waves,
Singing happy tidings from God
To man.

# 2

Hung with great care.
Tots on best behavior
Wake on Christmas morn to find them
All filled.

# 3

‘Neath mistletoe,
Icing Christmas cookies,
And hanging lights with tinsel bright
Make fun.

# 4

I wonder why
Some call it by false names.
It’s sole identity resides
In Christ.


What Will Christmas Bring?

MANGER AND CROSS - NO WORDS gold“What will Christmas bring, Mom?”
“Why, Son, ’twill bring you lots of toys and joys.”
“What else will Christmas bring, Mom?”
“Well, fun and games with other girls and boys.”

“But later on in life, Mom,
Will Christmas mean a lot when I am grown?”
“Oh, yes, it will mean more, Son.
For as you grow, a great truth you’ll be shown.

“You’ll learn that Jesus came, Son,
Not just to be a babe in manger sweet,
But to grow up a strong man,
Horrible death and suffering to meet.

“He came to take our sin, Son
And pay the price for it on Calvary.
So God could look upon us all
And shout, ‘From sin and all its curse you’re free!’”

“But I love the little babe, Mom.
I don’t want to think He died for me.”
“That’s what makes Christmas grand, Son:
That Jesus came and died to set us free.”

“You mean, the little baby, Mom?
He had to die and never live again?”
“No, Son, on Resurrection Day,
He rose victorious o’er death for all men.

“This truth of Christmas time, Son –
I now think you begin to understand.
It was the birth of death to sin,
And of eternal life for every man.”


Wise astrologers did travel from the East.
“We saw His star and followed to His place of peace.
We bowed ourselves before Him there on bended knees
And offered homage to the Babe, Creation’s King.”

Throughout the heavens, multitudes of brilliant stars
Have burned for centuries and led men near and far.
But only one celestial light can guide the heart,
And men who would be wise still follow Jesus’ star.



5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in Verse

  1. Sandra, Wishing you a brill’ Xmas and wishing your 2016 is all that you wish it to be..
    I have posted an xmas post and I hope after the festive season I will get back to something more regular.. plenty of time to think of a line to follow.. take care Sandra..

    1. What a great wish: “A Brilliant Christmas.” I think I’ll pass that along. It’s so much more powerful than just “Merry Christmas.”
      I’ll hop over and read your new post before I go to bed tonight.

    1. Thanks, Dennis. I did have a good Christmas visiting with some of my family. I noticed I hadn’t seen posts from you for a couple of weeks, but I’ve not be keeping up with visits online either.The past couple of weeks I’ve barely posted my own articles, and some of them I posted late. But I might be getting back into some kind of normal lifestyle again soon. Hope your family’s Christmas was happy and healthy — and that you’re beginning a new year that will be the same.

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