WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

This week’s WP Photo Challenge is a little confusing. The title focuses on the “half-light” periods of the day when we are between day and night, but then the actual challenge calls us to post a picture that is inspired by a particular poem, verse, song lyric, or story — and that picture does not have to be about half-light.  But if we do not have a poem, verse, song lyric, or story that inspires a certain picture, then we can post photos of the world around us in “half-light.”
So …………

One of my favorite songs of all time is “I’ll Be Seeing You,” with lyrics by Irving Kahal.  One of the best remembered lines is at the end of the song and says, “I’ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be seeing you.”  I’ve had that experience in my own lifetime — looking at the moon but focusing on the man I loved instead of that glowing orb in the sky. In honor of those lovely words, I decided I’d share a collection of my own pictures of the moon. I took two of my moon pics and played around with them in a couple of photo programs, just to see how much fun I could have.  I had LOTS of fun. I hope you find them “fun” to look at as well. And below my pictures, you’ll find a video of the song to enjoy.






10 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

    1. Oh, my goodness, yes — and your comment brought tears to my eyes. I’ve felt a little guilty lately because I’ve found myself wishing that we were living back in the 1940’s again. It really was a time when right was recognized as right and wrong was recognized as wrong — by the overwhelming majority of all the people on this earth. Most of the nations saw what Hitler was doing as horrible and life-destroying. We didn’t all do anything about it until it came to our doorstep, but at least we weren’t insane enough to call it okay — or even good, the way most people do now. Of course, I wasn’t born until 1948, but I grew up in the world that had lived through that decade, and the children were being taught the right things about the world and its people as a result.

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