Prompt Nights # 10 – Surely You Jest

This week the ‘Prompt Nights’ challenge offers us the choice of writing either poetry or prose, with a theme that tips its hat to April Fools’ Day. So to celebrate this day of fun and frivolity, I decided to “focus” on a bit of frivolous prose.


A One-Act Play

Place:  A city street
Time: April Fools’ Day


Friend:   “Wow!  Did you see that?”

Sandra:  “I’ll say. I’m salivating even as we speak.

Friend: Oooooh, me too. Makes me feel hungry all over.

Sandra: I know what you mean. That box of chocolates must have held at least 10 pounds.”

Friend:  “The girl who gets that will be over the moon.”

Sandra:  “Mmmmm. That much chocolate candy would definitely make me one very happy lady.”

Friend:  “Huh? – Wait – What?”

Sandra:  “What do you mean, what?”

Friend:  “What do you mean? I’m talking about that drop-dead gorgeous hunk who just passed us carrying the box of chocolates, you dope.”

Sandra:  “Oh, was there somebody carrying the chocolates?”




9 thoughts on “Prompt Nights # 10 – Surely You Jest

  1. Bahaha 😀 such sparkling wit and humor in your play Sandra. I truly enjoyed reading this one. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights.

    Lots of love,

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