Daily Post Prompt: Hyperbole

woman-megahoneHyperbole: It’s just exaggeration.
But not with the intention to deceive.
It ‘s just to make a point or emphasize,
A unique way to help someone to see.

To say the man I love is ten feet tall,
To say I’ve walked a million miles today,
To say when she stands sideways, she’s invisible –
That’s speaking in a hyperbolic way.

Of course, some people use it far to often.
And sometimes it’s as bad as old cliches.
But now and then hyperbole is perfect,
And adds a touch of ‘bling’ to what we say.


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3 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Hyperbole

    1. Thanks so much, Dennis.
      And I’m sure you’ve heard by now that we got our miracle! Even some political analysts over here are calling it a “miracle.” The first thing I did was cry. I was so grateful for God’s mercy on this nation, because, as I’ve said to you before, I honestly believed that if we didn’t turn things around now, we’d never get another chance. But now we’re going to have to make up our minds to stick with this thing. We can’t afford to sit back and think that now everything will “get fixed,” so we can all get lazy again. We’ve got to make up our minds to be sure we don’t get lazy and let everything slide back again. That’s going to take a few more miracles I think.

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