Weekly Smile 77

I’m participating again this week in Trent’s Weekly Smile project. I love to focus on positive, happy things in my life, and this weekly invitation to post about what made me smile during the week is a good way to make sure I focus on the good. I hope some of my readers will follow this link to Trent’s World and jump in with their own posts about things that make them smile.


Dayspring Calendar, 2017


I’m serving ‘coffee with a smile’ for my post today. This picture is from my Dayspring calendar that is about nothing but  — you guessed it — coffee. I do enjoy coffee — and tea as well. I don’t enjoy cold drinks very much. I generally prefer something warm — especially with a meal. It can be regular coffee, half & half coffee, decaf coffee, tea, herbal tea, or hot chocolate.

I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to drinks and food. But I have to say that coffee is my choice most often. I think it comes from the fact that, in my family, a good cup of coffee has always been associated with family togetherness, wonderful fellowship, and comforting relaxation.

And, just to be frank, I’m tired of hearing all the uninformed critics out there who try to make coffee drinkers feel guilty because there is an element of caffeine in coffee. I have always maintained that, since the Lord told us in Genesis that He made the seed-bearing trees and plants for us to ingest, then we should be able to partake of coffee with a clear conscience and a happy heart. And let’s not forget that God made the coffee bean with the caffeine in it. We human beings did not add the caffeine the way we add so many artificial ingredients into our food. That caffeine must have some good qualities in it, or the Lord would not have put it into the bean in the first place.

Furthermore, there have been numerous medical and scientific experiments done over the past half dozen years that prove coffee has many beneficial qualities for the human body — everything from quickening our brain function to eliminating headaches as quickly as aspirin to protecting the body against several kinds of cancer and heart problems. Naturally, nothing is good for our bodies if we partake of way too much of it, to the exclusion of other important elements. But in moderation, coffee is a great blessing.
****** I figured Trent’s blog was as good a place as any to vent. 🙂

But, seriously, every time I smell that unique, soothing, uplifting aroma of fresh-brewed coffee I smile.  Yep — every time. So, here you go: Have a cup on me ……………



4 thoughts on “Weekly Smile 77

  1. I am enjoying my cup of coffee as I read, caffeine and all. I have read that there is research that a little caffeine does help in several areas of the brain. And it sure makes a lot people less grumpy, so big smiles there 🙂

  2. I’m a coffee lover, too. In fact, coffee was one of my first SMILES this year (Day 21). And it does make me happy!

    1. MY dad used to say coffee helped him stay cool in hot weather because it made him sweat, and then the breeze would blow across him and with the moisture from the sweat, it had a cooling effect.

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