Glaring: Daily Post Prompt



What a glaring mistake I have made.
But I hadn’t seen Ben for two years.
And he — oops, I mean she — hadn’t said —
Not a word of this change did I hear.

We were meeting old high school classmates:
A reunion of sorts — just a few.
And since Ben Hall and I had been friends,
I was hoping friendship to renew.

But as soon as I entered the room —
I could not see my friend anywhere —
All at once I was grabbed and hugged tight
By this big-bosomed gal with blond hair.

She pulled back and smiled, and I glared.
Bernice Hall was the name on her tag,
Then my brain saw the light, and I said,
“Ben, why have you come here in drag?”

Oh, but no, I was soon to find out
That Ol’ Ben had had surgery done.
Said he just couldn’t resist a change,
Because big-bosomed blonds have more fun.


What a glaring disgrace and abomination we have given place to in our society now. There will be a price to pay, and we will see hundreds of bodies mutilated and hundreds of lives destroyed in the next decade as a result.

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