FWF – October Challenge 2017 – Day 13: Try

I haven’t been able to keep up with every day of this challenge, but I’m back in the groove at least for today. So here goes. Today’s prompt word is Try.”



If there’s something that you want to do, try it.
Even if you think you can’t succeed, try it.
If a cause deserves a battle for it, try it.
Even if you know you’ll lose the battle, try it.
If you’d like to love another person, try it.
Even if they don’t deserve to be loved, try it.

For we never know our measure ’til we try.
Can’t uncover buried treasure ’til we try.
And we’re oft’ surprised with pleasure when we try.

So, for heaven’s sake, stop sitting there and wishing that you could.
Simply grab your gumption, man: give it a try!




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