Making My Future

Another borrow from my “Ahyoka” site. But I thought it might encourage a few folks on this site as well.



To look out on a new year bright with promise,
With unmarred paths that hopeful feet may take —
It gives my heart a thrill, and I’m enchanted
By all the choices I’m allowed to make.

And even though I know there will be pitfalls
And hurdles now and then that must be cleared.
I know my heart will hear the Lord’s direction,
And nothing up ahead needs to be feared.

For in my own decisions rests my future.
It isn’t luck or happenstance or fate.
And this new year before me bright with promise —
I’ll boldly grasp it, and I’ll make it great.


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4 thoughts on “Making My Future

  1. Yes, another year to enjoy our blessings from the Lord and the few challenges that will also come along. Challenge #1 has already arrived in the case of almost bronchitis again. Went to Doctor on Wed, and hope we get it stopped before it develops. Getting better today, but will miss services tomorrow. The Lord knows our whole year, and I trust it has some nice birding adventures awaiting us. 🙂 And lots of coffee adventures for you. 🙂

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