Feel Like You Could Use a Good Laugh???

Hey, if you’re like I am, you’re probably feeling like you need some time out from all the serious social and political problems that are thronging the media and airways right now. Let me introduce you to this wonderful speaker (if you don’t already know her) with some of the funniest (and true) stories to tell.

I have literally almost rolled in the floor listening to some of these stories. Some are just good wholesome chuckles, but others — well, all I can say is hold onto your belly, and be sure you’re not trying to drink anything while she’s talking. You just might spit it out on whoever’s watching with you.

I’m posting two video links, but there are scores of others in the YouTube list.







8 thoughts on “Feel Like You Could Use a Good Laugh???

  1. Seems like too many Christians are walking around with a chronic toothache; a smile would be too painful. i can hear early Christians telling each other jokes. Silas says to Paul, “Did you hear the one about the two Gentile fishermen going to the synagogue to sell their shell fish?” To me, humor is another of God’s blessings.

    1. Yes, and I’m sure God gets a lot of good laughs out of dealing with most of us. He has to have a great sense of humor. No one could tolerate dealing with the human race without one.

  2. With tears rolling down my cheeks, thank you for those. I needed a good laugh. Thankfully, I go with my husband to the store. 🙂 We only live in a double-wide. 🙂

    1. I think so too. Some of these are so funny that even when I’ve watched them for the 3rd time, I’ve almost rolled with laughter. It’s a super great stress reliever.

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