3 thoughts on “Ink Sketch Bouquet

      1. Two different people asked about buying this one. I haven’t sold my artwork except for the pieces I’ve made prints of — mostly to create greeting cards from them. The greeting cards have sold pretty well. But I’m going to have to make a decision about selling originals soon. It’s sort of like selling one of your children. My books are like my children too, but I never have to part with originals. I just let publishers print copy after copy to sell. But I’m finding that the concept of selling original art has a somewhat traumatic effect. I wonder how famous artists managed to do so much of that. But, then again, maybe they were desperate to have money to be able to eat, and that makes a pretty traumatic situation as well. Thank God I’m not pressed that severely at this point in my life, but the extra income would definitely make a difference. Actually, I’ve given away eight originals to friends. But most of those were pieces that I felt really should go to them. A couple of them I even created with those specific people in mind. But even parting with those was hard to do. I took pictures or scanned them into my computer so I could keep copies though. I’ll have to pray about selling some. It would give me an alternative to trying to find some place to store everything I create in my house. 🙂

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