Lemonade Stand

I posted this painting a couple weeks ago, but later I discovered that my muse just insisted on creating a little poem to go along with it. So here’s the poem and, of course, it’s only right that I show you the picture again, since it was the inspiration.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Then set up a stand near the road, in the shade.
Offer to passersby at a fair price
For lemon juice, water, sugar and ice.

Most likely, no one will stop and consume.
And some may imply you take up too much room.
But in the end, if no money you’ve made,
Just kick back and chug all that sweet lemonade.






5 thoughts on “Lemonade Stand

    1. I am well, Dennis — just not on my websites much right now. This is certainly a weird time we’re living in. Nothing’s normal, and I can’t seem to do things the way I normally did them — including blogging. Are you and your family staying well?

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