Coffee Is A Poem – Day 2

photo courtesy of Silverstrike @



Drinking coffee by the cup is fine
If my day is going well,
And works getting done on time.
But lately I’ve been having quite a lot
Of days when I need coffee by the pot.

A cup or two a day is pretty norm.
And that satisfies my soul
With its fragrance rich and warm.
But days this year — normal they are not!
So now I’m drinking coffee by the pot.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Is A Poem – Day 2

    1. I don’t own a Keurig. My sister and my nephews do, and my sister has asked twice about buying me one for Christmas, but I much prefer brewing a whole pot at once. I generally use my 5-cup pot most of the time though.

        1. My husband didn’t drink coffee either. He didn’t even like the smell of it, but he put up with it for me. And on our very first date, he did have a cup just to be sociable with me. Later, he told me how much he didn’t like it.

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