Might As Well Throw Out the Calendar

photo courtesy of Jose Augusto Camargo @ pixabay.com

Well, Sundays now just never seem like Sundays
‘Cause church online just isn’t quite the same.
And Mondays don’t seem right ’cause I’m still home
Instead of working; what a lousy shame.

When Tuesday rolls around, I think it’s Thursday
And start to wonder where the week has gone.
By Saturday, I feel it must be Sunday;
Go online to watch church, but it’s not on.

When Sunday finally comes, I’m more than distressed
Because another week has passed me by,
And I recall that plans I’d made for Wednesday
Have come and gone; I missed them. (Heavy sigh)

And now the holidays are fast approaching,
But they won’t be the same for anyone
‘Cause all the rules for shopping, eating, visiting
Require that we abstain from all that’s fun.

I must admit I don’t do well in lockdown.
Is this the paradigm for staying well?
If so, we need to reevaluate it;
‘Cause life worth living’s going straight to hell.


4 thoughts on “Might As Well Throw Out the Calendar

  1. Hang in there, Sandra. I think we all can relate to the “new normal.” Thankfully, we do have church, or can watch on our church’s YouTube channel. Work on Book 7. After reading 6, I think I know where your next plot will maybe go. 🙂
    Moving articles from my Kids blog to my main one is at least keeping me busy. Fire up that coffee pot, which showed up so many times in Books 5 and 6. That should cheer you up!
    Remember this whole mess of Covid did not catch the Lord by surprise!

    1. Yes, I do comfort myself with the reminder that nothing takes God by surprise. One of the things the Lord has often prompted me to say for years in the face of impossible circumstances is “God didn’t wait until the children of Israel got to the Red Sea to figure out a solution to the problem. He already had a plan in mind. And He has one for this situation in my life as well.”

      A friend of mine posted something on FB today about wondering if this year is just the beginning of a whole decade of similar situations — referring as much to the election as to the health trauma. I replied that I have considered that possibility. I even found myself wondering if I should get out my books by some of the truly great saints of God who suffered terrible persecution for their faith and re-read what they wrote — in order to be prepared for how really nasty things might get for the true believers.

      I’ve always told the Lord, “I don’t mind at all dying for you Lord, but please, please don’t let me be tortured.” I don’t think I could make it. But I’m considering looking back into those testimonies and getting myself better prepared. Because I don’t intend to shut up when they try to shut down the Gospel.

      Boy, just thinking about all this makes me need more coffee!!! And, yes, my characters do enjoy their coffee. I believe in writing about things in as ‘real’ a way as possible, and as far as I’m concerned, real life requires lots of coffee. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      But I don’t envy you trying to move all those articles. That’s the kind of thing that is so tedious to me. I’d rather write a long article from scratch than have to do a bunch of copying and pasting and going back and forth from one site to another. Hopefully, it will go smoothly for you — and quickly.

      Book 6 will deal with abortion head-on. But the hardest part is trying to get into the mind of abortionists and figure out how they think. I know the spiritual reason behind their thinking, but it’s a struggle to grasp their actual thought processes. Not being deceived about it myself, as they are, it’s like digging into a pit of lies and trying to find some I can relate to. I really am relying on the Lord’s direction.

      Well, it’s 3:00 in the morning here, and after sleeping 3 hours, I’m wide awake, so I’m taking it out on you with this loooooong reply. 🙂

      1. Sorry, I had my #s mixed up. I read 4 and 5. You introduced a character toward the end, who came home… (I won’t say her name so other will have to read your book for their selves.) 3AM is about an hour later than I sometimes drop in bed.
        I have been reading through Acts lately, and was thinking about the persecution many of the new Christians had and was thinking, like you, if maybe it might be just around the corner for some of us in America. It’s looking questionable, but as I told someone lately, I am thinking about loosing my shoe laces. 🙂 I would hate to be left behind with all those shoes falling as we depart.
        Moving the articles is working out OK. I have dual monitors, which greatly helps. Many were dups, so I am just fixing them up with a link to the articles on my reg. blog. (I named them different, and finding them is the challenge.)
        I have a few months yet to finish.
        Back to book six. Getting into their mind WILL BE a challenge. Selfishness, being found out for sinning, disregard for human life – believing in evolution instead of creation, etc. Just some thoughts. Have fun writing your next book.

  2. I get it… Totally. Life isn’t the same without Sunday. Hubby and I must go out for internet so when public WiFi cafes are closed we can’t even do church online. Sigh… So we are reading straight from the word and discussing it together. We listen to the gospel music on the radio in the car for a couple of songs and sing along.

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