Love’s Freedom

I turned to Love and said, “I must be free.” And Love said, “Surely. Take your liberty.” I asked, “In truth? You set me free to roam?” Then Love replied, “Just please remember home.” And so I flew to north, south, east, and west. And finally back to home I came to rest. Then turnedContinue reading “Love’s Freedom”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This week I’m sharing a photo that was taken by a good friend of mine who is a professional photographer. Terry Valley lives in Wisconsin, and most of his work features various aspects of God’s beautiful creation as seen in that area. This photo is one of my favorites of his and is used withContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through”

Originally posted on Hangin' Out With God:
San Juan Capistrano Missionby Jon at Did you hear the bells this past Monday? The bells at San Juan Capistrano? Thousands of people did hear them, because they gathered, as they do every year, to rejoice in and celebrate the return of the beloved Swallows. These famous…

Tribute To An “Ordinary” Poet

My mother was a beautiful woman, inside and out.  She was kind, generous, gracious, and hospitable to everyone she come into contact with. She loved people, and she saw “specialness” in very ordinary people and very ordinary events in life.  Then she celebrated that “specialness” in poetry. Yes, my mother was a poet.  I don’tContinue reading “Tribute To An “Ordinary” Poet”

Creation – Behind the Scenes: A One-Act Play

  Time: Creation, Day 6 Place: Heaven, looking down at Earth Cast: God, One Inquisitive Angel   Conversation: Angel to God: “What are you doing, God?” God: “Creating a man.” Angel: “What are you going to do with him?” God: “Love him.” Angel: “What will he do for you?” God: “Give me pleasure.” Angel: “WillContinue reading “Creation – Behind the Scenes: A One-Act Play”

Can Anyone Help Me Find ‘Miss Read’?

I have just conceived this “brilliant” idea  which I hope will help me conclude a search that has been going on intermittently for the past couple of years.  But it’s only now that I have found some “friends,” via the blogging community, who, because they live in England, just might be able to help me. Continue reading “Can Anyone Help Me Find ‘Miss Read’?”

Waiting On Tomorrow?

If I had known in days gone by The things I know today,                                I’d have thought and felt and acted, Sometimes, in different ways. If yesterday’s tomorrows Hadn’t come ahead of time, If they’d waited ’till I’d learned some more And had made it to my prime, I would have done a better jobContinue reading “Waiting On Tomorrow?”

Weekly Photo Challenge — Distorted

Just couldn’t decide which of these “DISTORTIONS” I liked best, so I posted all three. Hope they add a little color to someone else’s day as well.   “Cocoa Sky With Marshmallows” ~ ~ ~ “Fire In The Sky” ~ ~ ~ “Falling Into The Sky” ~ ~ ~   I took the original pictureContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge — Distorted”

Killer Storms Are NOT From God!!!

 (I live in the Heartland of the United States — in the southern third of Illinois to be more exact.  And as most of the nation — probably the world — knows by now, a portion of that area was hit really hard by devastating, killer storms again in the very early morning hours ofContinue reading “Killer Storms Are NOT From God!!!”

Please Tell Me It Kept You Up Until 3:00 A.M.

I was browsing this week through some old newspaper columns I had written and came across one that focused on Winnie the Pooh, By A. A. Milne.  In the column, I had mentioned that, had he still been with us, Milne would have turned 125 that year. But as I perused the article, I beganContinue reading “Please Tell Me It Kept You Up Until 3:00 A.M.”