Friday Fictioneers 1/27/17 – The Date

This week’s Friday Fictioneers 100-Word challenge was hard for me. I just couldn’t get “connected” with those antique cars. But finally, thanks to Orville and Julie-Bell, I managed to come up with something. If you’d like to join the fun follow the link and get the details. My story is below Al’s photo prompt. THEContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 1/27/17 – The Date”

Saturday Mix – Lorraine

Lorraine is the challenger for this week’s Saturday Mix. She has offered three possibilities to stir up our writing egos. I was most drawn to the 25-word challenge based on the picture. But you may enjoy the other two as well. So if you like writing and want to stretch yourself a little, take aContinue reading “Saturday Mix – Lorraine”

Saturday Mix 1/14/17 – ‘Last-Minute Decisions’

This week is the first time I’ve taken part in the “Mindlovesmisery” writing challenges. This week we are to write a story in 100 words or less. The host site offered a picture for inspiration, but I put that aside because the idea I wanted to work with didn’t fit that particular picture. To takeContinue reading “Saturday Mix 1/14/17 – ‘Last-Minute Decisions’”

Friday Fictioneers 12/23/16: Dear Diary

To get involved in this week’s 100-word story challenge, visit Rochelle’s site.  This week’s photo is courtesy of Roger Bultot. My story’s below the photo. Dear Diary, Tonight after play practice, Sheila, Janice, and I drove to Rudy’s Drive-In for burgers and root beers. We’d planned on going inside, but as soon as we droveContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 12/23/16: Dear Diary”

Adoption – flash fiction

I wrote this story almost two years ago for a flash-fiction writing challenge, and I’m not sure why it’s been on my mind and heart the past few days. But it has been, and I figured that was a good reason to give it another few minutes in the spotlight.  Hair bristled on my neck.Continue reading “Adoption – flash fiction”

Friday Fictioneers 12/2/16: Solitary Confinement

I’m determined to participate in this week’s Friday Fictioneers. The prompt for the 100-word story is the picture below, compliments of Jan Wayne Fields.   SOLITARY CONFINEMENT He crossed out the date. Two years now – and only a little crazy. The symptoms had abated, but government doctors weren’t negotiating about his exile. “Sorry, Nigel,”Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers 12/2/16: Solitary Confinement”

Friday Fictioneers: October 28, 2016

I haven’t had opportunity to take part in Friday Fictioneers for a while, so I’m enjoying getting back into the swing of things this week. The photo is courtesy of Peter Abbey To take part in the 100-word story challenge visit Rochelle here.  My story is below the picture. A HOUSE DIVIDED The lush GeorgiaContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers: October 28, 2016”

Prompt Nights # 29: Loss & Madness

This week’s prompt delves into the various aspects of loss and the volatile  emotions it can cause — and considers the possibility that there is a strong connection between loss and madness. I’m offering two pieces for this challenge. The first is a poem that considers loss without the madness — although making the decisionContinue reading “Prompt Nights # 29: Loss & Madness”

100-Word Challenge for Grownups # 186

Julia has offered us another 100-word challenge this week with the following prompt: “… looking back, I remember …” I have to confess that I’ve cheated a tad. I’m about 19 words over, but I just didn’t have any more time to spend cutting it down further.   STARTING OVER “Looking back, I remember howContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grownups # 186”

100-Word Challenge For Grownups – Week #184

Julia’s back into the swing of things with her 100-Word Challenge for Grownups this week. The prompt is the following phrase: “… and just when Harold thought it couldn’t get any worse …” Visit Julia’s blog to get the details of participating. YOU CAN’T WIN ‘EM ALL Harold slapped the alarm, grabbed the remote andContinue reading “100-Word Challenge For Grownups – Week #184”

Friday Fictioneers 6/8/16 –

To join the fun of Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story Challenge, just follow the link for the details. Photo by Jan Marler Morrill.  My story is below the picture.   Sebastian had said, “Follow the alley until it curves right. Stop at the blue door in the wall. Knock four times.” Okay, here was the turn. YesContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 6/8/16 –”

Friday Fictioneers Reruns: ‘But Not Always’

I haven’t had much time to write lately, so since the Friday Fictioneers challenge is doing summer reruns this month, I took advantage of the situation. I’m “reruning” the story I originally wrote for this challenge way back in ????? Photo copyright belongs to Rich Voza.  My story is below the picture.   BUT NOTContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers Reruns: ‘But Not Always’”

Friday Fictioneers 4/29/16 – ‘Sales Appeal’

I haven’t had a chance to participate in Friday Fictioneers in a while, and I’m just getting in under the wire this week. But the picture conjured up this little story, and I couldn’t pass up sharing it. The picture prompt is courtesy of Mary Shipman. My story is below the picture. SALES APPEAL “Pops,Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers 4/29/16 – ‘Sales Appeal’”

100-Word Challenge For Grown Ups – # 176

Visit Julia’s Place to get the details so you can participate with your own 100-word story. The prompt this week: “… but I thought we were friends …”   FRIENDS??? “But I thought we were friends, Trish.” “We are friends, Kara, and quit your whining. It isn’t going to help. I just choose not toContinue reading “100-Word Challenge For Grown Ups – # 176”

Friday Fictioneers – 11/27/15 — Beloved Sentinel

This week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge. The photo is courtesy of Sandra Crook. My story is below the picture. BELOVED SENTINEL “Does she stand on that cliff every day?” Tobias asked. “Every day,” Raulf replied, looking at the young girl wrapped in her woolen shawl, black hair windswept like a flag. “But five years! Surely sheContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 11/27/15 — Beloved Sentinel”