Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

A Marquetry picture made for me by my dad. He has always loved working with wood and has created furniture, plaques, toys, pictures, and multitudes of other items.  Some of you will be familiar with Marquetry, but for those who are not, it is artwork created out of pieces of inlaid wood of various kinds. There is no paint used.  All of the color comes from the natural colors of the wood itself. My dad personally carved each piece used in this picture. It’s one of my favorites, but it was hard to get a good photo because of so much light reflection in the room.  I think this is clear enough for you to enjoy.

Exif JPEGVisit Cee’s site to get all the details of the challenge and join in:

7 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood

  1. Glorious, Sandra. I love marquetry. There are some amazing examples in the Bolsa Palace in Porto, but I appreciate that this is a very special piece for you.

  2. That is such an lovely piece of creative work by your Dad.Sandra . You can almost feel the wooden prow forcing through the water and making a giant wooden wave !

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