Friday Fictioneers — February 22

Copyright-Janet Webb
Copyright-Janet Webb

The Painted Fence

Odd … the fence so freshly painted. The barn still bore silent scars from enemy troops scouring the countryside of its rightful owners and leaving all to ruin. A few lucky farmers had fled, losing all they’d worked for.

But before … before death and destruction … she and Johann had walked the length of this fence daily … stopping for kisses … planning: marriage, children, living beside this fence.

The night of the soldiers Johann had forced her to run while he covered her, and she’d seen them capture him.

20 years gone and she’d come back to remember. If only Johann were ….

Odd … this fence so freshly painted ….

~ ~ ~

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25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — February 22

    1. Me too. I just couldn’t see it any other way. And it’s interesting that you mentioned Normandy. It was the Nazi takeovers and the battles of WWII that I was thinking of as I wrote this.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. It was one of those times when I felt the story almost as soon as I looked at the picture. It just took a while to put it into words — at least into so few words.

  1. Dear Sandra,
    Dare I hope that Johann’s painted the fence? From the above comments it looks that way. Good. But why did he wait so long? Now there’s a whole story to be told. 😉

    1. In my own mind, I wanted the fresh paint to convey the hope that Johann was still alive and had come back to the place again, but I deliberately left it hanging so that each reader could give it his own interpretation.

  2. I’m going to be positive and imagine Johann is still around painting fences, waiting for his love. A lovely, well-told story.

    1. That was my take on it too, but I left it open-ended so that every reader could decide for himself. Of course, leaving the ending open helped with not exceeding the word limit by too much as well. Thanks for letting me know your feelings.

    1. Thanks, Joe. Your interpretation was what I intended. Of course, leaving it open-ended gave everyone a chance to see it his own way, but I think it would be too sad to leave them separated.

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