Friday Fictioneers – 5/17/13 — ‘Albert’s Wife’

aqueduct-sarah-ann-hallPhoto by Sarah Hall


Albert’s Wife

The estate still boasted its artistic iron fence and stone posts, although the grasses were encroaching. Trevor smiled. How the old lady would chastise that gardener.

Feisty, courageous old girl! Living alone in the home Albert had built her. Married here on a Sunday, by Tuesday, she’d kissed her soldier husband goodbye.

Next year, a scruffy teen hired to paint the fence, Trevor had won her heart – and she’d won his. He’d been there (the son she’d never have) to hold her hand as she’d read the black-edged telegram and cried. She’d refused to live in mourning, but seventy years she never loved but one man.

Today, at last, she was with Albert.


To join in and write your own 100-word story inspired by this picture, visit Rochelle’s site for the ‘how-to’ details.


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